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Love to Eat? You’ll Need to Love to Move!

Eating is good. People who love to eat are normal. I don’t get along very well with people who don’t like eating. I don’t think they’re trustworthy! I agree with a most famous eater, and creator of most eatable food ever, Julia Child! Julia Child lived well into her 90s, well as in healthy and not […]

Don’t believe the haters, lost weight can stay gone

    Rumor has it that weight once lost is found again. If not found every time, it’s regained at least 99% of the time. The discouraging statistic for maintaining a loss is so often repeated that some people who would like to lose weight, and who would benefit both health-wise and personally, won’t even […]

Am I Always Hungry or Can I Not Stop Eating?

If weight loss is the goal, monitoring food is essential. That’s not easy. It can be harder than you’d think. If you have tried to lose weight in the past, monitoring food doesn’t get easier with subsequent diets, indeed, many find that it gets progressively harder. Theories abound about why it’s so hard to manage […]

Hunger, Hunger, Who’s Got the Hunger?

“Eat when you’re hungry; stop when you’re full!” That’s the advice I got – we all get – to help me – us – lose weight. Two questions. How do I know I’m hungry? How do I know I’m full? Seemed like I’m always hungry and never full! Thank goodness science and the weight loss experts stepped […]

Fantastic, Fabulous, Flirty Fat!

There are 200 different kind of cells in our body but none are so hated and feared as are our fat cells. We pinch them to measure their inches. We talk about burning them and slashing them and sucking them away. In extreme cases some people admit they’d rather die than carry 100 extra pounds […]

Group Support Works (for weight loss and other things) Even for those Who Don’t Think They Benefit By the Help of Others!

I considered myself to be an independent, capable person. I didn’t seek help to get things done and I sure never wanted to be part of a “group support system.” The whole idea of people sitting around helping each other sounded boring, pathetic and an overall waste of time. I thought I might have something […]

Boost Your Success with Free and Very Personal Training!

The equation for healthy weight is simple – Eat Less + Move More = Healthy Weight. The equation is simple. The application of the equation is far more complicated, especially for those of us whose normal, default behavior is to “eat more and move less!” That’s when a very personal trainer can make a big […]

Home Alone with A LOT of Candy!

I am a “recovering heavyweight.” I have spent a lot of my life battling my weight. I’ve kept my weight lower for about 23 years, and I’m happy – very happy – about that. I also recognize that keeping my weight down takes attention, effort and never letting down my guard. Yup! Heavyweight doesn’t go […]

Weight Loss Lapsing, Learning and Moving On

Every now and then somebody makes up her mind to lose weight and gets all the way to goal without a single lapse. While it’s possible that some people are able to set their mind to lose weight and stick tight to their plan, it’s not common. Maybe you are one of those people who […]