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Easter Countdown

Tomorrow the Easter Bunny will come. Here are some strategies for welcoming the bunny and getting to Monday with no (weight-related) regrets! Eat normally today. Eating light today is planning to overeat tomorrow. Plan for moderation and flexible restraint. Flexible restraint is allowing some extra treats but maintaining a degree of restraint. It’s a skill […]

Getting the Support You Need to Reach Your Weight Goal

Losing weight isn’t easy. Sticking to your plan is challenging. Motivation can be strong one minute and seem to disappear just a few minutes later. Trying to stay strong in the presence of temptation can be overwhelming. If we aren’t giving ourselves the message, “This won’t hurt. I can make up for this ‘cheat’ tomorrow!” […]

Setting Up for Success! Make Your Environment “Losing-Friendly!”

It’s a proven fact, our environment dictates our behavior. We can use that knowledge to help us behave in ways that support weight control. We can clean up and arrange our personal environments to make weight management strategies easy to perform. The right environment can change our habits and thus change our weight. Here is […]

Easter Eating and Staying On Track!

Easter is coming. The candies are shaped like eggs. Their normally brown wrappers have been transformed into flower-covered, beautiful pastels! They look even more tempting and delicious than normal. Jelly beans are in bowls everywhere you look. It easy to scoop up a few and eat them without so much as a thought. Easter candy […]

Use your head for successful weight loss

Your head is good for more than being a place with a hole you call your mouth through which food enters your body. Weight gain and loss begin in your head albeit in different areas of the same head! While your mouth is the portal for food, the brain is the CEO of your body. […]

Take Control of Food and Eating Behaviors!

Whether you want to lose a little weight or a lot of weight you need to take control of your food and your eating. The formula for weight loss is simple – eat fewer calories than your body burns for fuel. Yes, that’s the formula rendered down to its most simple form. The actual application […]

Finding the Motivation to Go All the Way to Your Weight Loss Goal

Top Reasons Motivations Fails 1. Rate of weight loss slows down after the first few weeks. 2. Boredom from eating from overly restrictive food choices and quantities. 3. After some pounds are gone the urgency to lose weight begins to wane. 4. Friends and family are unsupportive. 5. Friends and family actively sabotage. 6. Believing […]

New! Revolutionary Weight Loss Breakthrough! The secret the superstars don’t want YOU to know!

Look as good as this model in your bikini this summer!!Superstars want to look better than the rest of us. When they find a diet that really works they don’t share it. They protect their secret because it’s job security! How can they justify the big bucks if they don’t look any better than we […]

Telling a child to lose weight to stop the teasing is the same as saying “you deserve it”

Your child doesn’t need to lose weight to stop the teasing! Your child is fine, it’s the kids who tease who have a problem! 8 Ways to Help Your Overweight Child by Instilling Healthy Family Habits 1. Help the child recognize his skills or special talents. 2. Feed the overweight child exactly the same way […]

Losing weight takes progress not perfection

I think readers should know right now that I watch my weight. I work daily to keep it where I am most comfortable. That means I monitor what I eat and I have to tell myself (often) “you’ve been sitting too long. Get up and do something active.” I think you should also know that […]