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Weight Loss and Unwanted Side Effects (gas and constipation) UGH!

We know all about the benefits of losing weight! Things that often happen when we lose weight: Look better Feel better More energy Blood pressure goes down Cholesterol levels go down Type 2 diabetes improves or reversed Losing weight is wonderful but changing how you eat might be socially irresponsible! Nobody wants to talk about […]

Lose Weight and Get Fit with this 5-Step No Diet Diet!

Here are five healthy routines that are surprisingly easy to integrate into any lifestyle. Routines are things we do every day without conscious thought. We just do them; that’s what makes them routine. Healthy routines make it easy to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Routines can be a way to lose weight and keep […]

New Diet! No Willpower Needed to Reach Your Personal Goal!

Losing weight takes willpower, doesn’t it? Not with this diet! No willpower is needed! Instead of willpower you use “want-power” to get to your goal! What’s the difference? Willpower is used to try to stop yourself from doing or getting what you want. Want-power is used to get exactly what you do want! Here’s an […]

Lose Weight Fast! How Much Weight Can I Lose by Summer?

Summer officially kicked off this past weekend with the Memorial Day festivities. Now we’re all looking ahead to summer fun and yes, bathing suits! With the winter we just went through it was hard to believe we’d ever see summer or put on a bathing suit ever again or at least in Maine. Now we […]

Lose weight without exercise

Losing weight without exercise is my dream come true! I hate exercise. I’m the girl who “had her period continuously through junior and high school,” to get out of gym. I’m the girl who lists her favorite activities as “going out to eat,” and “eating popcorn at the movies.” I got picked last every time […]

The Absolute Best Diet Food! #1 Food for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance!

Yes, I truly believe that there is one food better than all the rest for weight loss and weight maintenance! No successful dieter will want to be without it. I keep a supply in my fridge at all times. They’re the secret weapon to my astonishing weight loss and my source of power to keep […]

Stop! Never Put a Fat Kid on a Diet!

The dangers of childhood obesity are well-known. The statistics are grim. Some of the statistics can’t be supported with reliable research but that doesn’t stop these stats getting repeated in the media. As a nation we worry about our children and want to help them to be healthy. The problem is many know that there […]

Emotional Eating Ruined My Diet! How to Quit Eating Because Something is Eating at You!

Angry! Sad! Elated! Confused! Bored! Anxious! Depressed! Joyful! Lonely! Emotions can be uncomfortable or a reason to celebrate. Food is used to regulate! Emotional eating is arguably the major reason for obesity and the swiftest way to end a successful diet. As a culture we have a habit of “stuffing our feelings.” We use food […]

The McDonald’s Diet! It McWorks! Lose Weight Eating Fast Food!

I don’t want to start a debate about the fast food industry. I’m well aware it has its detractors. I know that some view it as the scourge of the restaurant industry. Some of the people who hate fast food distrust the entire food industry as a whole. I know that there is a growing […]

How Much Should I Weigh?

In my line of business, I get this question all the time. Heck, I’ve even asked myself the same thing? HOW MUCH SHOULD I WEIGH???!!!! The interesting thing about this question is, “why does it matter?” Who asks themselves, “how tall should I be?” or “how big should my feet be?” or “how long should […]