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How to Survive Your Diet

Me: Your diet survived the weekend? That’s great! Your diet survived the weekend and are you going to survive your diet? The answers I get often overlook the part about, “Are you going to survive your diet?” Seems like the dieters are too happy about how they avoided a temptation than to consider how their […]

5 Foods I Must NEVER EAT to Lose Weight!

Seems I can’t open my browser without seeing an ad advising of the 5 foods to avoid for successful weight loss secret. When I get curious and click on the links to discover the secret, I never am taken to a simple list of 5 foods to avoid. Instead I find a whole lot of […]

What’s the healthiest weight loss habit of all?

Anybody who’s read a few of my blogs knows that I’m not hung up on optimal health. I like to be healthy and I want to take good care of myself to protect my health, which by the way, I recognize how lucky I was to be born with it and still have it after 60 […]

Take the Weekends off From Dieting to Lose Weight!

Lose Weight and Take Your Weekends Off! Sounds like a cheesy claim on the front of a sleazy rag you see at the supermarket checkout! It’s actually an effective way to lose weight. The best part is there’s no deprivation making it easier to stick to your plan. What’s even greater with this plan is how […]

The “Healthy Food” Myth

Let’s stop calling food “healthy” right now! You can have “healthy habits” because that’s using the word correctly. in this context the word healthy is used as an adjective adverb. Food, however, is an inanimate object. Unlike plants, people, and animals, food can neither suffer poor health or enjoy good health. In other words food […]

Help! I Live/Work With a Diet Wrecker!

I’m back talking about excuses again.   I don’t judge but I do have a habit of eavesdropping. I can’t help it. It’s as though my ears were programmed to pick up conversations about weight loss regardless of where I am, what I’m doing or how much noise and confusion is going on around me. […]

Got an Excuse for Not Losing Weight? Excuses Steal Your Power!

It’s not your fault if you’re fat. It’s not a sign of weak character or lack of willpower or intelligence. Don’t blame yourself. What about if you’re trying to lose weight and it’s not working?  Should you be blamed for that? Absolutely not! It’s not your fault but you might be surprised to know that […]

Don’t Let Diets or a Scale Wreck Your Weight Loss Progress!

Show me a scale that hasn’t had some choice words slung at it, and I’ll show you a brand-new scale still in the box! Who hasn’t stepped on the scale only to yell with joy, anger, confusion or sheer hatred, “There’s something wrong with my scale!” Fact is, most scales have enjoyed and endured a […]

Returning to “Weight Loss Mode” after a “Relax of Efforts”

Eat happens! Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Mothers were treated to, well, to treats! Yesterday was Mother’s Day and a whole lot of eating went on in honor of Mom! You may not be a mom. You might not have had sweets and luscious meals lavished on you yesterday because it was “your day to be […]

I can’t eat that because I’m on a diet

People waste money on ridiculous research. One of the more ridiculous research projects undertaken more than once was studying what makes people choose the foods they eat? Got an idea what the findings of those studies might be? Yup! People eat the food that tastes the best to them? Isn’t that an unexpected result!? Certainly […]