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Losing the Baby Fat! Can You Be “Runway Ready” 3 Months After Giving Birth?

Losing the fat after having a baby is a cinch! Look at all the celebrities. They’re doing it and so can you! Don’t believe it. They have publicists which is another word for people whose job is to make celebrities seem to be superhuman. They are responsible for creating an image and getting stories published […]

Menopause and Weight Gain and/or Loss

Menopause and its affect on a woman’s weight is discussed often and understood less. Myth-information is everywhere and no wonder, there’s money to be made getting women to believe what’s not true. It’s a common myth to believe that menopause causes weight gain. Look at the back of any women’s magazine and count all the […]

Will You Maintain Your Weight Loss? Take the Quiz

Your diet is working! You’re losing weight and looking and feeling great! You heard the statistics for maintaining a lower weight and they’re not good. Will you be able to beat the odds?  WIll you be one of the fortunate few who stay at goal? You can determine your likelihood of staying at goal by taking […]

Brazil Butt Lift! Holy Hottie Booty!

What’s up with E! Entertainment network? It’s all about butts and crap! The last show I watched before going to bed last night was the lowest of all reality shows – Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This episode was about Kendall’s dog crapping all over the house and Kim (the Kardashian famous for her butt […]

Is Obesity Contagious? You Won’t Believe What Research Is Showing!

If obesity is a disease, is it contagious? Yes, it might be contagious as in “infectious disease.” We already know that the behaviors that combine to cause obesity are contagious in the way that groups of people who spend a lot of time with each other tend to think and act alike too. Obesity is classified as […]

How to Find YOUR Best Weight Loss Solution

It’s a fact that the best way to lose weight is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Luckily there are many choices for weight loss. Unluckily not all are going to work and sometimes people try too many that don’t work in search of the one that will. After many failed attempts they lose hope and accept […]

Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Yes! Hypnosis can work for weight loss! I tried it. It didn’t work for me, but I didn’t give it a chance. Back around 1978 a friend and I both had about 15 pounds we wanted to lose. We started with a plan to lose 10 pounds. Our Do It Yourself (DIY) approach left us […]

Chico is 5 Today!

My little buddy, Chico, is 5 today! I shop a lot at Chico’s, but I didn’t name my dog after my favorite clothing store! Their sizing, however, is genius! I wear size 1 jeans! … but I digress…. I have been a Pitbull fan for years and considered naming him Pitbull, but it just wasn’t […]

Eat What You Love, Lose Weight!

“Eat all your favorite foods and lose weight!” It sounds like a sleazy advertisement in the back of a tabloid, but it’s true! You can eat your favorite foods and lose weight. Here are 5 things anybody can do to lose weight without giving up any of your favorite foods! Practice portion control. The easiest way […]

How to Stop Your Obesity Genes From Expressing Themselves

Today’s “obesity” genes are yesteryear’s “survival” genes. In a prehistoric world, the more survival genes we had the better we fared. Our instincts told us to forage for food, eat the food we find and keep eating until it’s gone so that we can have a little stored energy (body fat) for times when food […]