9 Stupid Comments People Make to People Losing Weight (and 9 replies to either say to yourself or out loud)

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If you have lost or are losing weight, you will run into people who say stupid things. Some of those things you’ll keep hearing with a slight variations from each person who says it.
Here are 9 more common stupid things and 9 (private thoughts) or replies to keep them from upsetting you or setting you back.
  1. Why bother, diets always fail. You’re just going to end up even bigger!

  2. You probably should lose a little more weight before you wear that!

  3. (When everybody is dining on lasagna and garlic bread) Oh! Look at you being so good eating salad!

  4. (When everybody is dining on lasagna and garlic bread) Oh! Look at you eating all this bad food. Is today a cheat day?

  5. Are you losing weight? You lost 60 pounds? Oh yeah, now that you mention it I can see it in your face!

  6. I know somebody who just lost 80 pounds in the time you’ve only lost 30!

  7. Go ahead, take another piece. I won’t tell anybody!

  8. Come on couch potato! Let’s go for a walk. The exercise will do you good.

  9. The additional health issues that come with an obese population will only make this problem worse. Additionally, now that health insurance is mandated, individual people’s health choices have a direct impact on the costs paid by everyone.

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(1) Thanks for the support! Nice to know you have such confidence in me. Actually diets don’t always fail.

(2) I don’t remember consulting you for fashion advice. (Or better yet in the words of Eric Cartman) “Wut eva! I do wot I waaaannnt!”

(3) What I choose to eat is what I want at the moment and my choices have nothing to do with how good or bad I am being… or in other words, wut eva! I do wot I waaannnt!

(4) If this food is so bad, why are you eating it?  – or – Eating isn’t cheating!

(5) Thanks for the compliment.

(6) Is that person who loses weight faster than I can, also more tactful than you?

(7) I’m not taking another piece because I’m satisfied with one piece. I am not worried about your telling on me.

(8) Maybe exercise is good for me, but it won’t fix what’s wrong with you.

(9) That’s a problem with the system, not an individual’s “health choices.”


Jackie Conn

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