Monthly Archives: June 2014

What Are Most Fattening Foods We Eat Every Summer?

Food isn’t fattening! We get fat because of our choices. Choosing foods that are high in fat and calories and choosing to be sedentary is fattening. These choices aren’t bad and we’re not bad because we make them. We’re programmed by our culture, customs, advertising and even supermarket displays to eat certain foods in the summer. We’re conditioned […]

Plateaus or how to get weight loss moving again

It’s a common story. At first weight is coming off consistently and you’re happy. Then the weight loss progress gets a little slower. You’re trying not to get discouraged. Then It doesn’t come off at all. You’re light years away from your goal and the weight you lost thus far isn’t enough to satisfy you. […]

You can overcome emotional eating

If I am frustrated, angry, bored, or happy, I am also hungry. It’s been this way for my whole life. I’ve learned how to eat in response to emotions without overeating. I’ve also learned how to work through some emotions. I feel them, they are less overwhelming than I thought they would be and eventually […]

Lost Weight and Now My Skin is Too Big! The Sad Saga of Sagging Skin!

Not everything about weight loss is pretty. There can be problems with gas and constipation at the start of weight loss. Not fun, but the problems can be eased. Another unpretty result of weight loss is harder to fix – sagging skin and stretch marks! How much your skin sags and how much your body is […]