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Super Size Me! The Story of a Man Who Proved Forcing Himself to Eat Too Much Made Him Sick (and a lot of money)

The more I explore Super Size Me, the more I realize the experiment was so deeply flawed in its design that it can only prove that Morgan Spurlock wanted money and attention at the expense of McDonald’s reputation (and his health* by unnaturally forcing himself to overeat.) Part 2 I’m going to wrap up my investigation […]

Super Size Me! Does the Fast Food Industry Promote Obesity?

This is long. I’m going to break it into several blogs over that I will post over the course of several days. I will use the synopsis of the documentary film, Super Size Me, posted by IMDb and written by Shimon Haber. Part 1 The fast food industry stirs up the passions of many. There are […]

Dieting Doesn’t Work and I Know Why!

Diets work, but dieting doesn’t! It’s simple to understand the difference between the two, and why diets work but dieting doesn’t. Diet is a noun. It means: the kinds of food that a person, animal, community or culture habitually eats. For example, “a vegetarian diet.” Diet is a verb (to diet, dieting) It means: restrict […]

Fixing a Diet Disaster Independence Day Style

Diet disasters happen. Despite a strong declaration of independence from overeating and under-moving, we fall back into old patterns.When there is a weekend holiday, such as the Fourth of July, added into the mix, the eating (and maybe drinking) isn’t just a little more than we planned. It is often way more, so much more […]

Don’t Diet to Lose Weight, Just Go Gluten Free

Who doesn’t want to lose weight without dieting? Is going gluten-free the answer to lasting weight control that will finally free you from tedious dieting?  What is gluten and why would it help your weight management? Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. Wheat, barley and rye are common ingredients […]

Lose Weight in the Summer!

Summer just started. For some people the start of summer marks the end of their diet. With kids out of school it just seems that summertime lacks structure. There also seems to be more impromptu socializing centered around the backyard barbecue. It’s hot. It’s too hot to cook. Take-out, fast food and cold mayonnaise-based pasta […]