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The Standard American Diet (SAD) Makes Us Fat or SAD Makes Us Sad!

I’ve written many times that a healthy diet includes every food you want to eat. I’m not taking that statement back. In fact, I’m repeating it with emphasis! A healthy diet includes every food you want to eat! Eating what you want is fine and it can be healthy, but that’s not to say that […]

Lose Belly Fat! Eat Bananas Standing Up!

Bananas have recently been identified as the cause of belly fat. There are ads all over the Internet that say lose a little belly fat every day by never eating these foods. There is a picture of a banana because according to the pseudo belly fat experts, bananas are the number 1 offender in the accumulation of […]

Dr. Oz Says, “YES!” to Fast Food Diets!

Did you catch Dr. Oz Friday afternoon? He endorsed a fast food diet! Yup, Dr. Oz who seems to be America’s premier and most trusted meditainer – a meditainer is a person who entertains on television with good, bad or quasi medical information – says fast food is okay! Dr. Oz introduced a young woman who copped to […]

Maine Ranks in the Top Half of States With A Lower Rate of Obesity!

Despite significant challenges and factors affecting obesity, Maine ranks a respectable #23 on one list (there are several with slightly different rankings) of States with Fewest to Most Obese Residents. Our obesity percentage is 28.4. We’re in the lower obesity rate half of the list! Another way to look at it is there are 27 states with […]

Healthy Eating Tastes Good! I Promise

Years ago I attended a conference for professionals in the nutrition healthcare industry. It was fascinating. The keynote speaker was Susan L. Johnson, PhD. She is the Associate Editor of the The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Professor and Director of The Children’s Eating Laboratory at the University of Colorado Denver, Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Johnson’s specializes […]

Can Too Much Screen Time Cause Stress Eating?

“Limit your leisure/entertainment screen time to two hours daily.” The two hours doesn’t include screen time that’s part of your job. That is excellent health advice and you will hear it from many health and fitness experts. It’s often directed at children only, but it’s excellent advice for adults too. In fact, it’s a healthy habit to […]

And She Lived Happily Ever After At Goal!

The late Steven Covey wrote, “start with the end in mind.” in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, a best-selling self help book he wrote in 1989. It was written as a business book, but it can be applied to anything, including weight loss. Imagine, your goal is to reduce your weight to a healthy level […]

For Best Weight Loss Results Don’t Cheat When You Eat

For best weight loss results don’t; no, that’s not strong enough, never cheat when you eat! If you think I’m saying be 100% perfect and never take a liberty here or there, that’s not what I mean. That’s not even close to what I mean. Let me be more precise. For best weight loss results avoid […]

Are You a Healthy Eater or a Smart Eater? Take the Quiz!

It’s no secret that the way you eat affects both your weight and your health. It also affects your mood. Food is meant to be pleasure, but the weight management process can take all the pleasure out of eating. There are two ways to eat to support both weight management and good health, but one […]