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Calories Don’t Count! Oh, Really?

Cutting calories has been the foundation of successful weight loss ever since the first man or woman decided that it was necessary to drop some pounds of body weight. In an attempt to stand out in the crowded topic of weight loss, some weight loss experts (and I use the term very loosely) will make a […]

Shed Pounds this Winter! Greet the Spring Slimmer!

Yes! You can shed pounds this winter and greet the spring with a slimmer, trimmer body. Don’t worry about the holidays getting in the way. I guarantee that you can lose weight even during the most challenging time of year, Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. The most important thing to shedding pounds throughout the winter […]

5 things that make people jerks but really help with weight loss

These are the personality traits that make a person a jerk: Arrogance, Selfishness, Pettiness, Impatience, Cynicism. They also are qualities that can help you succeed at weight loss. These are not the qualities we admire, look for in a friend, or try to develop for ourselves through a self-improvement effort. People who display these traits are generally avoided. When […]

Top 10 Best-Selling Diet Books

Best-selling diet books come and go. Why? Because dieters are always looking for something new, something easy, and something that works. Clever publishing companies are always feeding dieters need to the newest thing by publishing diet books that promise to be “the one.” I took a look at the best-selling diet books, according to FOX News, […]

Sugar Addicts Weight Loss Diet

When I was pregnant with my second daughter 31 years ago my obstetrician was the celebrated, Dr. Christiane Northrup. At the time she was simply one of the OB/Gyns at a practice in South Portland, ME. She hadn’t risen to fame yet, but she definitely was already developing her theories that would later help her […]

Don’t Become a Fat Victim of Your Environment

There is food everywhere you go, and everywhere you look. There are signs and video and audio messages describing delicious food, telling you where to go to get it, promising it’s worth the trip and a good way to spend your money. You are hard-wired to want food when you think about food. You think […]

“All About That Bass” is Not a Healthy Body Message! It’s Messed Up!

All About That Bass is not a healthy body message. It’s messed up and I hate it! I I would be happy never to hear that stupid song again. The first time I caught Meghan Trainor’s catchy, little video on MTV I thought it was a fun song about a girl who loves her body. […]

No Health Care Benefits for You Because You’re Overweight?

This morning a local TV station in Portland asks the question on its Facebook page: QUESTION OF THE DAY — More companies are now monitoring not just your job performance, but your waistline as well. They are offering incentives for people who participate in wellness programs, and some companies are even limiting the health care […]

You Took it Off, Now KEEP IT OFF! 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Goal

It’s so discouraging to work hard, lose weight, and be back to where you started in six months, or a year.  Even worse was getting to goal only to gain beyond your starting weight. No wonder so many people say, “Weight loss is hard, but not half as hard and maintaining weight loss.” Believe that […]