Mini Gastric Bypass! No Surgery Required!

Wow! No Surgery?
What holds a lot of people back from getting a gastric bypass?
dreamstime_l_32649550The surgery!

Surgery is scary. It involves doctors and hospitals and sometimes general anesthesia and incisions and stitches or staples. That is nothing to take lightly.

Some people may be willing to face all of the above but do not qualify for surgery. Maybe they’re BMI isn’t in the range for obesity. Maybe it is, but they are healthy and their doctor advises them to lose weight with behavioral modification, a healthy food plan, and increased physical activity.

Considering the risks, the doctor may decide that the patient’s weight is less of a threat to her health than surgery may be.

So, for whatever reason for not having surgery, there is a way to get a mini gastric bypass without the surgery. Or is there?

I found a website that “sells mini gastric bypasses without surgery.”

It looks legit, very medical, and it even displays major health insurance logos giving the impression that your health insurance may cover all or part of the non-surgical mini bypass.

If that’s not enough to make you feel assured that this is the real thing you see a guy looking like a doctor in the lower, right corner of the webpage and it says click to chat. Heck! A consultation with a doctor about the mini gastric bypass? This has to be legit.

Before you plunk down your money – and it’s a lot! $480.00 – there is more you should know.

There is no real gastric bypassing without surgery, not even a mini one.

A non surgical bypass isn’t a bypass at all. A bypass does result in less room in your stomach for food. Less food means fewer calories and that helps with weight loss. In addition to less space for food a gastric bypass also connects a small part of your small intestine (the jejunum) to a small hole in your pouch.

The pouch is your stomach after its been altered by the gastric bypass surgery. After surgery any food you eat moves from the pouch into the new opening into your small intestine making it so your body absorbs fewer calories.

Nothing you can buy can reroute your food the way gastric bypass surgery can.

Nothing you can buy can reroute your food the way gastric bypass surgery can.

You simply cannot get surgical bypass results without having bypass surgery.

The non surgical bypass method is eating a product (some users describe as extremely unpleasant) that is supposed to fill up your stomach leaving just a small space for a meal. The promise is reduced appetite and physically preventing ingesting too many calories with each meal.

You don’t need to spend any money on gunk to help you eat less. If you want to preload (fill up without adding a lot of calories) before a meal there are better ways to do it.

Consider eating soup before your meal. There is reliable research that suggest soup increases satiety. Soup tastes good and can help you feel full with less food so that you lose weight!

Fight belly fat by eating soup and standing up! Then sit down to enjoy a smaller meal!

Fight belly fat by eating soup and standing up! Then sit down to enjoy a smaller meal!

Not all soupers may have the same positive results, but from the complaints I’ve read (and many more I didn’t get around to reading) the non surgical mini gastric bypass is less pleasant and tasty and no more effective.



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