Stop Envying Skinny People! They’re Not as Lucky as You Think!

Skinny people are so lucky! They look good and they’re healthy and they don’t even have to worry about either one of those things!
So not true!

Skinny isn’t always pretty! Think “models on the cover of Vogue!”

Health cannot be determined by a visual determination of how fat or skinny somebody might be.

The health issues with obesity are well-publicized, but people whose BMI is less than 18.5 are also at risk of some of the same chronic diseases linked with obesity and some diseases that are not!

Skinny isn't always healthy just like fat isn't always unhealthy! You can't tell by looking or even the scale!

Skinny isn’t always healthy just like fat isn’t always unhealthy! You can’t tell by looking or even the scale!

Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes doesn’t just afflict those who are overweight. Skinny people are at risk too.
You don't have to be old or fat to have increased risks of heart disease.

You don’t have to be old or fat to have increased risks of heart disease.

Those of us who gain weight easily often adhere to better eating and exercising behaviors to control weight. Those who don’t struggle with weight may not pay attention to the quality of their diet. They may live sedentary lifestyles and see no need to become more active because they think it’s okay.

They’re not fat, so why would we think there’s anything potentially unhealthy about their eating and exercising habits? The number on the scale and the size of their jeans aren’t indicators of their state of healthiness or fitness. Their unhealthy habits may be making blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol counts high and going higher. They could be fat on the inside. Although we can’t see it on the outside, deep inside fat can start to envelop itself around vital organs. This puts some skinny people at an increased risked of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Because all looks healthy on the outside, they may also skip check-ups that would detect these problems.

Skinny people may have impaired immune systems.
Lack of good nutrition and adequate exercise puts skinny and fat people more likely to get sick from invading germs and cell damage.

Lack of good nutrition and adequate exercise puts skinny and fat people more likely to get sick from invading germs and cell damage.

The immune system works to keep us healthy and fight invasions by bacteria, viruses, and foreign and abnormal cells. It needs fuel, in the form of good nutrition, to take on invading infections. The vitamins and minerals we get from the food we eat fuel our immune systems. Unless a skinny person is paying attention to eating a healthy, balanced diet, he or she could not be getting sufficient nutrients from food.

Skinny people could be at a higher risk of colds and the flu.

It’s also believe that their risk of serious diseases such as cancer which begins with abnormal cell activity may be increased. The antioxidants in fruit and vegetables help fight cell damage, but many skinny people steer clear of produce!

Osteoporosis is thought to be a disease of older people. It’s a skinny people’s problem too.
Not just an old lady's disease!

Not just an old lady’s disease!

Body fat helps to keep our bodies healthy. Fat is necessary to make estrogen. Woman have more estrogen than men, but both men and women need it for healthy bones. Bones become brittle and can break easily without enough estrogen. That means that osteoporosis isn’t restricted to just older women, underweight men and women are also at risk.  A little fall or accident is more likely to cause serious injury or even death in a skinny person.

Brittle bones can make a little fall be very serious.

Brittle bones can make a little fall be very serious.

It’s time to stop thinking that skinny people are so lucky. They may not be fat, but they may not be healthy and not even know it.

It’s hard to feel lucky about struggling with weight, but it might be a great gift in disguise. If weight weren’t an issue for me, I know I would live a much less healthy lifestyle. I would neither eat well nor make any attempt to remain physically active. These things have become such a regular part of my life that now they “just feel normal and right.” It took work to get to this point, but I’m glad my weight gave me the motivation to do it.

So if you’re jealous because skinny people can eat what they want without gaining weight, remember that just because they’re skinny doesn’t make them luckier or better than you!



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