When Conventional Weight Loss Strategies Haven’t Worked, Try Something Crazy!

1. Gross yourself out!
Here is one way to gross yourself out with mental images (mind power):
Can't stop eating those noodles? I bet you would stop if you imagined this was crawling all over them!

Can’t stop eating those noodles? I bet you would stop if you imagined this was crawling all over them!

You want some premium ice cream. You serve yourself the 1/2 cup serving that’s a standard serving size according to the cartons. (Yeah, according to the carton, and largely ignored by the ice cream-eating public!) You eat it slowly and enjoy every bite and when it’s gone, if the thought to get more comes into your head, you gross yourself out by imagining that after you got your serving and army of cockroaches walked across it! Now you don’t want any more at the moment, and you’re done with what’s left the carton too! Let somebody else finish that cockroachy ice cream!

If you don’t trust the power of your mind (and that’s a mistake! Your mind is your most powerful ally in your fight against fat!) there is another way to gross yourself out.

Salt! Pepper! Tabasco Sauce! ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

When you dine out and too much food is served or you serve yourself too much, eat slowly. Put your fork down between bites. Pay attention to the sensation of satisfaction – not stuffed – just satisfied. There’s a difference. You will probably feel satisfied way before you feel so full you can’t eat another bite. Once you hit the satisfied level push the rest out of the way.  Now dump something on the food left on your plate to make it too gross to eat – too much salt, pepper or Tabasco sauce (or all 3!) will turn delicious food into food you won’t want to eat.

2. If it doesn’t taste good, spit it out (into a napkin.)

It seems silly to even think we wouldn’t eat something that doesn’t taste good, but we eat stuff that tastes okay – but not good – all the time. If we have to be accountable for every calorie we ingest, then we don’t want to be wasting them on stuff we don’t really enjoy.

This includes any lower calorie or reduced calorie foods you’ve been lead to believe should be the foundation of your diet. Don’t eat it if you don’t like it – EVER!

3. Wander aimlessly!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Wander aimlessly every chance you get! You might know exactly where you want to go, but never take the direct route. When you have time, wander or take the long route and if includes a couple of flights of stairs, so much the better!  Leave early for wherever you’re going so you have time for some aimless wandering. Make Take the Long Way Home your theme song!

4. Insist on total darkness when you sleep!

It used to be thought there was no connection between sleep and weight. No more! Research is proving that too little sleep can be a major reason for weighing too much. It can be a double whammy. When you live your life sleep-deprived your healthier habits are compromised.

  • “I’m too exhausted to exercise.”
  • “I need large latte to keep me moving.”
  • “It’s late, I’m hungry and I’m too tired to cook so I’ll get takeout,” and then go directly to bed on a way, too full stomach that will keep me awake all night.

If those habits aren’t enough to cause weight gain, there is another way that sleep deprivation can create trouble managing weight. It messes with the hormone that tells you you’re hungry (ghrelin), another that tells you you’re full (leptin), and the stress hormone, (cortisol) that tells your body to “slow its roll,” or in other words, tells your body to conserve its energy by hanging onto fat.

Make quality sleep a priority. Sleeping in a completely dark room promotes better, more restful sleep. These things give off light and are common in most bedrooms: clock radios; televisions; computers; phones. Those little glowing lights coming from each of those electronics can negatively affect your sleep.  Get rid of them or cover them up. If you live in a city or if you plan to sleep past sunrise, get blackout shades or curtains to keep the room dark until you’re ready to rise.

If you can go to be earlier or get up later, great! If you can’t, then make the most of the time you can devote to sleep by sleeping in a dark room.

5. Paint your kitchen and dining room blue and buy yourself a blue dinner plate!
Makes you lose your appetite just looking at it, right?

Makes you lose your appetite just looking at it, right?

Fast foods restaurants never use a blue color scheme and there is a reason for that. Blue is an appetite depressant. Meanwhile colors like red, orange and yellow make for a hearty appetite. If color schemes are that important then doesn’t it figure a blue kitchen and dining room will help you to eat less? Maybe and maybe not, but at least you’ll get some really good exercise from all that painting!


Jackie Conn

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