Monthly Archives: December 2014

Bad Fattitude! Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Fat!

There’s no denying that some people have a bad (f)attitude towards those whose weigh a lot. Some people are extremely prejudice and cruel towards fat people. I know because I was fat and I heard the comments and saw the looks. Some people hate fat people so much that even when we’re working to lose weight or […]

How to Live With a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight When it’s Not Your Resolution!

Okay, here it goes again. This is nothing new. Every new year he says, “I’m going to lose weight! That’s my only New Year resolution and this year I mean it.” You heard it before and you know what that means. He’ll be insisting you clear out the fridge and cupboards. Get rid of the […]

Why You Didn’t Lose Weight in 2014

You started the year determined to get to a reasonable and healthy weight. You weren’t looking to weigh what you weighed when you were 18. You just wanted to get to a weight that reduced your risk of all of the scary weight-related illnesses. You were determined! You watched Dr. Oz. He touted the use […]

Weight Loss Challenge # 83 Why Do We Eat Food We Don’t Even Like?

Weight loss formula: Eat Less + Move More = Weight Loss! Easy! If you are losing weight or ever tried to lose weight you may be aware of all the challenges surrounding what we think should be fairly easy, but turns out to be anything but easy! If we were to give a number to […]