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How Can Chocolate Help Weight Loss?

How can chocolate help weight loss? Easy! Don’t eat it! Did you beat me to the punchline?  Yes, that’s a joke! You can eat chocolate and lose weight, and yes, it can actually help you to be successful, but how it supports your success may not be the way you think it should. I could tell […]

How Are You Affected by Celebrity Weights and Measurements?

I picked up Star Quick & Easy Weight Loss Guide at the supermarket because Jessica Simpson, the retired Weight Watchers spokeswoman was on the cover. What I saw inside had me shaking my head and saying, “Oh my goodness, this can’t be for real!” Pictured inside was Heidi Klum looking fit and trim at 5′ 9 1/2″ and […]

THE ONE RULE for Eating Right

Throw a stone into a crowd and you have a good chance of hitting somebody who’s highly opinionated about how to eat right. What/how to eat is reaching a level comparative to religion. People become unthinking, devoted followers of a variety of specialized diets – each of which promise perfect weight, appearance, health and a super-extended lifespan. […]

How to End Your Food Sneaking Habit

There are a lot of good reasons to be a sneaky eater. The best reason is because we all know, “if nobody sees you do it then it didn’t happen!” All kidding aside, as silly as that sounds, there’s some truth to it. Most of us who sneak food want to hide our eating from […]

How to Lose Weight on the Weekends

How often do you say to yourself, “I’ll get back on my diet Monday!”? Losing weight during the work week seems to be fairly easy. The structure helps keep surprises that involve food to a minimum. It’s easier to isolate and/or insulate yourself from the food cues that trigger hunger pangs that can’t be ignored. […]

5 Important Things You Need To Know Today About Your Weight Loss

Weight loss is a big industry. As interest in better health and lower health care costs grow, so does the weight loss industry. It’s an easy way for the unscrupulous to make a lot of money off the overweight (currently estimated to be more than one third of the U.S. population.) Technology changes what we […]