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What Should You Be Eating? New Dietary Guidelines for Americans

What to eat is a big question. People have different needs that their diets must fulfill. Most of us want to eat in a way that supports optimal health. Now, new dietary guidelines are proposed that go beyond human health to include eating to support the health of the planet. The newest dietary guidelines have […]

Changing what you weigh (part 3)

  Changing What You Weigh, part 3 By now, if you have read parts 1 and 2 you know that the key word is “change.” You are getting an understanding of how change works and doesn’t work. Many big changes, and changes that feel like punishment are never permanent changes. Small changes that enhance your […]

Bye Bye Big Belly! How to Change What You Weigh (part 2)

Everybody is looking to find the key to getting rid of their big belly.¬†What magic foods burn belly fat every day? What are the foods that I should stop eating to get rid of belly fat? Are carrots the cause of my over 45-years old gut? What’s the secret to saying, “bye bye belly!” forever? […]

Maybe You Can’t Lose Weight, But You CAN Change What You Weigh!

This is for everybody who’s ever tried to lose weight, one or more times, and failed. This is for everybody who’s lost weight only to gain it back (or more.) This is for everybody who believes he or she can’t lose weight. You’re right! You can’t lose weight. There is no use even trying to […]

Getting in the Mood for Successful Weight Loss

What does your mood have to do with weight loss? Everything! When you maintain a good mood you support¬†your ability to make positive eating and exercising actions. So it’s ironic that making changes in the way you eat and exercise can put you in a bad mood. Your mood is mostly a matter of how […]

Stop Being So Darn Nice if You Want to Lose Weight

It’s okay, well, it’s more than okay to be nice, but there are times when “nice” isn’t an asset. When it comes to losing weight, being nice is a liability. Many of the things nice people do are directly counterproductive to losing weight. Nice people may care about other people more than they care about […]

Please Don’t Tell Me What Will Keep Me Feeling Full Longer

I have read the reports. I know all about the research. I understand the principles of what is supposed to happen in my body when I eat foods with specific macronutrient content. I know it! I know it! I know it! …and I’ve tried it, tried it, tried it. …and it’s not working and I’m […]