Stop Being So Darn Nice if You Want to Lose Weight

It’s okay, well, it’s more than okay to be nice, but there are times when “nice” isn’t an asset. When it comes to losing weight, being nice is a liability. Many of the things nice people do are directly counterproductive to losing weight.

Nice people may care about other people more than they care about themselves. They are often too trusting to the point of being gullible. They can be humble, patient, and overlook small details to avoid looking petty.

In certain applications those are very desirable personality traits. When it comes to weight loss they’ll keep you fat!

While I admire people who are people pleasers, I caution all people pleasers who want to lose weight to remember that there is one person whose needs are most important. You’re that one person and it’s your needs you must consider. Don’t agree to eat another piece of cake you don’t want just because somebody is saying, “come on, you’ll hurt my feelings if you don’t eat it!”

It's time to stop letting people walk all over you. It's time to take care of your needs and stop saying "yes" just to be nice!

It’s time to stop letting people walk all over you. It’s time to take care of your needs and stop saying “yes” just to be nice!

It’s so important that you understand how your habits of being nice can get in the way of successful weight loss that I wrote a blog a few months ago suggesting readers become jerks. I think it was perhaps the most important and best advice I have to share with people who’re struggling to lose weight. It attracted fewer readers than a lot of my other blogs with catchier titles. So I want to reposition it in the hopes that I reach more people.

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