Monthly Archives: March 2015

5 Easy Ways To Get Thinner

Getting thinner can be easy when you don’t worry about getting thinner faster. The faster you hope to get thin the more difficult the process will be. Here 5 are proven steps to getting thinner the easy and effective way! 1. Let go of self doubt. It’s a fact that anything is easier to do when you […]

How many calories do I need

How many calories do I need to – maintain my weight, lose weight or gain weight? That’s a good question and one over which there is much debate. How many calories are needed and how can anybody know how many calories they need for a specific weight goal? There is a formula to determine how many calories you […]

Don’t Be Stupid, Eat Smart

Don’t  be stupid, eat smart. Eating smart isn’t easy and it’s not because you’re stupid; it’s because smart eating is confusing and getting more confusing all the time. The definition of smart eating depends completely on who is talking. Take for instance this post that was among the newsfeed on my Facebook wall. Authority Nutrition […]

Will Easter candy destroy your diet?

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail! What the Easter bunny can do to your weight and health will shock you! He wants to bust your diet! And he can! Easter with its candy and special holiday dishes can send a diet off track fast and furiously. Once it’s gone off track it’s […]

5 Ways to Lower Your Weight

1. Calories count!  Don’t be tricked by empty promises and smokescreens. The only way to lower your weight is to monitor your calories. There are many ways to do that. Weight Watchers® PointsPlus® values, for example, combine calories with their source of nutrients to determine the PointsPlus value of any food you might choose to […]

Changing Your Weight, Sometimes it Hurts!

Sometimes it hurts to change. Sometimes it hurts to learn. Nothing meaningful happens without hurting. Hurting is another word for learning. If we completely live our lives seeking to avoid pain and never experiencing hurt, we will never learn and we will never feel the joy of accomplishment. Hurting isn’t the same as failure. Failure […]

3 Ways to Pack Pizazz Into Your Meals and Snacks!

Changing what you weigh depends on changing how you eat. That’s a well established fact! Considering that food changes are inevitable, required even, then it makes sense to pack some pizazz what you eat, so that you don’t feel deprived. Here are 3 ways to pack the pizazz! 1. Eat Real/Fresh food Think fresh! Fresh food satisfies […]