What’s a Diet Necklace and other Weight Loss Wearables?

Necklaces have power to change behavior.

Dogs wear a necklace that gives them a zap if they’re about to leave the yard. Now there’s a necklace to help people lose weight. No, it doesn’t give users a zap when they eat too much, but I’m sure there are people who would prefer that it did!

The new diet necklace, like other weight loss/fitness wearables, doesn’t zap to discourage negative behaviors. It just tracks.

Many weight loss programs are based on monitoring food, drink, physical activity and even sleeping patterns. The new wearables, include bracelets and devices that clip onto clothing and soon even a necklace. They track better, more reliably, and far more detailed than the wearer could track on her own.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The data is available to view on a smartphone, computer program, on the device itself, or all three. Wearers can learn a lot about their eating and exercising behaviors and that helps to moderate them so that weight loss takes place.

The WearSens diet necklace is touted as a kind of food diary worn around the neck. It uses piezoelectric sensors that measure intake of solids and liquids. If you’re a speed eater, you’ll appreciate it also tracks how fast you gobble and gulp. It even tracks how often or infrequently you eat. It can both alert you to slow down or remind you not to skip meals.

It could be called “diet choker” although it’s not an accessory designed to complement your outfit.

A diet choker isn't an accessory and it's not discreet or attractive like the choker pictured here.

The diet necklace is obvious and ugly. Perhaps it would be more appealing if it looked like this!

It was designed by engineers at the University of California Los Angeles. It works by sensors that track the vibration in your neck made by swallowing and chewing.

It can’t track calories, but it can sense the type of food (soft or hard) you’re eating based on how strong are the neck vibrations. It can also determine if you’re drinking a hot or cold beverage.

All the captured data can be read on your smartphone via an app. When you set up the app, you must enter vital information.  It asks for your gender, height and weight so that your data can be accurately calibrated.

You also enter information about your goals – lose, gain or maintain weight.   As in the case with other wearable tech devices such as the FitBit, this device finds trends in your habits by aggregating and tracking the data over an extended time period.

Diet “jewelry” can track and nag!

Many of the wearable diet devices can alert you to help you become aware of your behaviors that negatively affect your health and weight and remind you to take positive actions. When combined with a healthy eating plan a diet jewelry could be a very useful tool in the fight to keep weight healthy.

The real question is what happens when the novelty wears off?

Diet necklaces aren’t yet available, and bracelets are still a fairly new and therefore novel. It remains to be seen exactly how effective these devices will be in the quest to live healthier lifestyles. Will they become as commonly worn as a wristwatch or do they end up tangled in a drawer somewhere with other forgotten items????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Diet “jewelry” can track and when the wearer combines the accurate tracking with the motivational power of an environment of group support, real and lasting weight management behaviors can be formed and sustained!
Jackie Conn

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