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Lose weight the old fashioned way!

Lose weight the old fashioned way because that’s the only way you can lose weight and escape the harsh judgment of people who have no idea what it’s like to struggle with weight. I am a fan of weight loss. I am particularly in favor of losing weight and keeping it off. Having struggled with […]

Carbs! Are they your body’s friend or foe?

“I can’t have carbs. They make me fat,” she says while she eats her yogurt. “You realize your 1/2 cup of yogurt has 19 grams of carbs, right?” replies her friend. The panicked woman looks like she just swallowed arsenic and she spits our the yogurt and shouts, “no way!” Not since the 90s when dietary […]

Whose fault is it when your jeans don’t fit?

If there is any one garment that stands for the quintessential symbol of American clothing, it’s a pair of blue jeans. Invented invented by Jacob Davis in 1871were patented by Davis and Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873.  Jeans really began to grow in popularity quickly in the 50s beyond their original targeted customer – cowboys and miners […]

What is the best way to be healthy? Hint: It’s not what you eat that will do it!

Everyday we hear about new research. Much of the new research refutes old research. Lately I’ve been reading about milk and dairy products and how they are not the healthy, bone-building food we grew up believing dairy products to be. In fact, one study that followed more than 100,000 people for more than 20 years […]

How to Buy a Flattering Bathing Suit

It’s the end of May. That means it’s the start of bathing suit season. Bathing suits are a major source of anxiety for many women, and probably a lot of men too. For the purpose of this blog, however, I’m only going to focus on flattering bathing suits for women. Magazines are full of suggestions […]

What Will Medical Marijuana Do to My Weight?

What does the overweight person do when prescribed medical marijuana? Since it’s an established belief that pot makes people hungry for what many consider to be the worst kinds of foods, how can obese patients manage their pot bellies while using pot to manage a medical condition? I’m going to start with the established belief […]

Things I’ve Learned by Being in the Weight Loss Business for 24 Years

Wow! I’ve been in the weight loss business for 24 years! That’s a long time and a lot of people I’ve helped. In that time I learned a lot about the weight loss business and business in general. People may pay to lose weight but too many don’t understand that weight loss isn’t a commodity. […]

How Did One Loser Check Herself Before She Wrecked Herself?

I’ve observed that a typical pattern for weight loss goes something like this: Lose weight for the first six months (more in the earlier months and slower as loser nears the 6 month mark) Progress stops around six months (may lose and gain but weight never gets any lower) Some or all weight is regained by […]