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How can older women lose belly fat?

How can older women lose belly fat? The punchline is “get a divorce!” Cute, clever and maybe a bit true in some cases, but for the older women who aren’t married, or who want to stay married, here is some advice that really works. Start with a realistic goal. Meme Roth and her wedding gown […]

What’s the most fattening food you can eat?

If you knew what was the most fattening food you can eat, you could stop eating it. That would make weight loss a lot easier. That question is complicated. It’s getting more complicated because we are learning there’s conflicting research about what makes a food fattening. The problem with the research is how scientifically sound […]

Best Ever Doctor’s Weight Loss Plan! Guaranteed Results!

When it comes to healthy living and healthy weight, there is only one doctor who can give it to us straight. Forget the doctors hyping their weight loss plans that basically say, “Everything you’re eating now is bad for you. You have to start eating stuff you don’t like to detoxify your body, reset your […]

Happy Father’s Day! My father’s top 5 healthy lifestyle hacks!

My father passed away at 91-years-of-age. He was an active man until his deteriorating knee made movement excruciatingly painful. Even then, however, he refused to get around with a wheel chair or a scooter chair. 5. Don’t pay somebody to do a job you’re able to do yourself. Doing jobs yourself is more than a […]

How to create a beautiful body!

In 1968 the Mothers of Invention released an album called, “We’re Only in it For the Money.” One song was titled and asked the question, “What’s the Ugliest Part of your Body?” In the song, Zappa sings, “some say your nose, some say your toes, but I think it’s your mind.” I agree. Bodies aren’t ugly […]

4 Vegetables to avoid for a flat belly

If you are going for a flat belly these four vegetables to avoid! “Don’t eat them if you want to burn a little belly fat every day!” Cabbage Cabbage contains something called riffinose in significant amounts. It’s an indigestible sugar. This sugar is a type of complex carbohydrate that passes through your intestines undigested and can […]

June 17 is National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

June 17 is National Eat Your Vegetables Day! Who hasn’t heard how important vegetables are for good health? Who doesn’t care? Apparently a lot of people! According to a study conducted by Humana and Reader’s Digest fewer than 26% of American adults eat the recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables daily. I conducted a little study myself […]

How to get the biggest rush in the afternoon without sugar or caffeine!

Who hasn’t experienced the mid-afternoon energy crunch? You have a lot of work to do and you’ve lost the energy to get it done. You’re going to need a pick-me-up to get through until quitting time at 5pm and you know just what will do the trick. You need a cold, creamy drink full of […]