Master Cleanse Diet

Cleansing diets are promoted as a way to optimize health and weight loss results.

There are commercial cleanses available to purchase online or in your favorite health supply store. There are also cleanse recipes you can make with ingredients you probably have on hand in your kitchen right now.

One popular cleanse uses water – a lot of water – maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. 

Instructions for a successful cleanse are to eat a “healthy, high-protein dinner the night before the cleanse. The following morning one must drink 2 quarts of the cleanse (that’s a half gallon for those who are liquid measurement impaired) followed by 2 quarts of water (measurement impaired readers should know that’s drinking one gallon of fluid)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

You can interrupt the “cleansing action” by eating a “healthy high-protein dinner.”

The cleanse is completed in 24 hours, although it’s okay to keep cleansing for up to 5 days.

What does this cleanse do for you?

  • You may want to throw up from drinking the 1/2 gallon of cleansing drink followed by the 1/2 gallon water chaser.
  • You may experience diarrhea which will make you think the cleanse is working.
  • When you step on the scale you’ll see a noticeable weight loss. The cleanse didn’t flush away any fat from your body. The combination of avoiding carbs and drinking a lot of water flushes out retained fluid.
  • Nothing that lasts! Benefits are temporary and illusionary!

If you really want to get healthier and lose weight with a “master cleanse” consider “cleansing your car, cleansing the bathroom, cleansing your floors, cleansing your refrigerator, cleansing your closets, cleansing the basement and garage (for fun and profit! have a yard sale!) There is no limit to the things that need cleansing.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

In other words, instead of drinking a lot of cleansing fluid and water to cleanse your body, be assured that your body can keep its insides clean without your help.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If you want to lose weight with cleansing forget about drinking master cleansing drinks and get busy cleaning things. The physical activity burns calories, and tones muscles. It will do more for your body and your health than any cleansing diet can, plus it’s sustainable. That means you can keep doing it to enjoy lasting benefits.


Jackie Conn

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