4 Vegetables to avoid for a flat belly

If you are going for a flat belly these four vegetables to avoid!

“Don’t eat them if you want to burn a little belly fat every day!”

What foods should I stop eating so that I can "burn a little belly fat" every day?

What foods should I stop eating so that I can “burn a little belly fat” every day?


Cabbage contains something called riffinose in significant amounts. It’s an indigestible sugar. This sugar is a type of complex carbohydrate that passes through your intestines undigested and can cause flatulence (gas) and abdominal bloating.


Cauliflower is the “new wheat.” There seems to be no end to the recipes that use cauliflower to replace foods usually made with wheat. Cauliflower can allegedly take the place of standard pizza crust, the “bread” in grilled cheese sandwiches (recipe from Dr. cough…Oz) rice, mashed potatoes, and even be made into breadsticks. Paleo diets rely heavily on cauliflower, but guess what? It’s got that same kind of undigested sugar. That means it too potentially causes gas and bloating making your belly look fat, not flat!

French Fried Potatoes

The carbohydrate content in potatoes works sort of like a sponge causing water retention. Fried foods can cause gas, and as already established, gas makes for abdominal bloat. Eating starchy potatoes that have been prepared by immersion in hot grease may not be creating belly fat unless you’re overdoing it with total calories.


By now you are probably getting the idea that vegetables that produce gas make your belly look fat. That’s correct. Peas have soluble fiber. That’s a good, as in good-for you, thing but it causes gas. The soluble fiber causes peas to be digested in your large intestine.

Big bellies are not the product of eating too many vegetables!

Big bellies are not the product of eating too many vegetables!

There are more vegetables that cause gas. A sudden change of diet can also cause both gas and constipation. Switching to a weight reduction diet may cause both gas and constipation. Constipation is another leading cause of a belly that look fat because of the abdominal bloating that accompanies the condition.

Are there truly 4 vegetables you should never eat to burn some belly fat every day?


Don’t fall for that ridiculous myth! Burning belly fat every day is achieved by reducing your calories so that you don’t eat enough calories to meet your body’s need for fuel. It will burn fat in lieu of calories. Some of that fat will come from your belly, but some will come from other places on your body where fat is stored.



Flat bellies usually aren’t sustainable. It’s possible to eat and drink in such a way that your belly will be flat temporarily, but with a little food, especially the kind that makes gas, your concave belly will revert to convex.

That doesn’t mean you have unsightly or unhealthy belly fat. It means that your stomach is distended, most likely from gas. When you eat your stomach may protrude until the food has been digested and the stomach is empty again.


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