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Can you have a hot body and eat your cake too?

Hot bodies and eating cake just don’t go together or do they? Here is what happens when a body – any body, hot or not, eats cake: You’re putting a lot of simple carbs (sugar) and highly refined complex carbs (white flour) and quite a bit of saturated fat (butter and possibly cream cheese in […]

The top 10 annoying things people on a diet do!

I understand that losing weight is hard. Heck! I’ve probably list more than 1000 pounds in my life – lost and gained and lost again, that is. The challenges are many. I have empathy for people who are fighting to lose weight and even more empathy for those who feel as though they’re losing their […]

Can you be forced to lose weight?

Some people think that forced weight loss is an effective solution to America’s problem of obesity. America doesn’t have a problem with obesity.  I’m not saying there are not obese individuals in the US, although, for some reason the word “obese” is as offensive to me as many 4-letter words. I happen to prefer the […]

How can “eating healthy” get in the way of healthy weight loss?

What do you want to do? Lose weight or use food as medicine to obtain optimal health? What’s the difference? Too much emphasis on healthy eating as a weight loss method can derail successful weight loss progress. It can make a tough job much harder. Most people who need to lose weight have complicated relationships […]

Quarters and Collarbones

I usually blog about losing weight. Today I’m blogging about dangerous weight loss. I have written about dangerous ways to lose weight and there are many. This time I’m writing about the danger of losing too much weight. While much attention is given to the health benefits of weight loss, less attention is given to the […]

Another Weight Watchers success story

Diane was my member at my Wednesday night Weight Watchers® meeting. Her name isn’t Diane. She lost 83 pounds; that’s a lot. Everybody told her how great she looked, but Diane looked in the mirror and she didn’t see great. She saw not good enough. “My thighs were huge,” she said to me, “they looked like I needed […]

There’s that “Mini Gastric Bypass No Surgery Required” in my Facebook Feed Again

Rocha Labs must have decided I fit the parameters of people who should be seeing their mini gastric bypass product that requires no surgery. It’s popping up in my news feed and although I have neither the desire nor the medical qualifications for a gastric bypass I have not only checked it out before, but I also […]