There’s that “Mini Gastric Bypass No Surgery Required” in my Facebook Feed Again

Rocha Labs must have decided I fit the parameters of people who should be seeing their mini gastric bypass product that requires no surgery. It’s popping up in my news feed and although I have neither the desire nor the medical qualifications for a gastric bypass I have not only checked it out before, but I also wrote a blog about it.

If you missed it the first time, here is what I think of gastric bypasses that aren’t done surgically.

I was skeptical when I read the company’s website. It screamed “scam” and “suckers give us your credit card info so we can sell you our useless, outrageously overpriced product. Then I searched for complaints and found plenty. Among the complaints were people vigorously defending the product. Some of the defensive testimonials didn’t seem authentic. Some testimonials did seem real indeed, but I think that the mini bypass gunk they drank worked more because of a placebo effect than anything else. Let’s just say nothing I read convinced me.

Maybe you want to lose weight and you’re intrigued and this sounds like you found your dream solution. You get the same effects of surgery but without the surgery!

“Wow! No Surgery! Surgery is why I never considered a bypass.
dreamstime_l_32649550The surgery!”

Surgery is scary. It involves doctors and hospitals and sometimes general anesthesia and incisions and stitches or staples. That is nothing to take lightly.

Considering the risks, the doctor may decide that the patient’s weight is less of a threat to her health than surgery may be. Some folks may not fear the surgery but their doctor wisely advises them they’re not candidates for bypass surgery.

So, for whatever reason for not having surgery, is there a way to get a mini gastric bypass without the surgery. Or is there not?

Mini gastric bypasses without surgery

It looks legit, very medical, and it even displays major health insurance logos giving the impression that your health insurance may cover all or part of the non-surgical mini bypass.

If that’s not enough to make you feel assured that this is the real thing you see a guy looking like a doctor in the lower, right corner of the webpage and it says click to chat. Heck! A consultation with a doctor about the mini gastric bypass? This has to be legit.

Before you plunk down your money – and it’s a lot! $480.00 – there is more you should know.

There is no real gastric bypassing without surgery, not even a mini one.

A non surgical bypass isn’t a bypass at all. A bypass does result in less room in your stomach for food. Less food means fewer calories and that helps with weight loss. In addition to less space for food a gastric bypass also connects a small part of your small intestine (the jejunum) to a small hole in your pouch.

The pouch is your stomach after its been altered by the gastric bypass surgery. After surgery any food you eat moves from the pouch into the new opening into your small intestine making it so your body absorbs fewer calories.

Nothing you can buy can reroute your food the way gastric bypass surgery can.

Nothing you can buy can reroute your food the way gastric bypass surgery can.

You simply cannot get surgical bypass results without having bypass surgery.

The non surgical bypass method is eating a product (some users describe as extremely unpleasant) that is supposed to fill up your stomach leaving just a small space for a meal. The promise is reduced appetite and physically preventing ingesting too many calories with each meal. That’s not bypassing; it’s a reduction of capacity – maybe! Capacity is only reduced if you’re one of the people who can actually manage to eat the stuff and then be unable to go on and eat food in your formerly accustomed portions.

My take on this product? Save your money! You don’t need to spend any money on gunk to help you eat less. Filling up on fruit and vegetables leaves less room for big meals and provides you with important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It’s a lot cheaper and I’m sure must taste a lot better too!



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