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Reposted by popular demand – Help! I have a banana belly!

Are you bananas for bananas? Are you one of the many banana-lovers in the world who shun your favorite fruit because you fear what it’s doing to your belly? Yes? You better read this! If you want to know what makes you fat, causes stubborn belly fat, and keeps you fat despite your daily high-intensity […]

I never gain weight in the summer; fall is a different story!

Bye bye summer! I’m going to miss you! Summer is my “natural weight maintenance season.”  It’s easier to do the things that keep my weight down. It comes naturally. It’s not a matter of “should.” It is completely about “want.” I don’t have to think about what I should eat. I can eat what I […]

How much should I weigh?

This question is asked so frequently that I decided I should republish this blog. In my line of business, I get this question all the time. Heck, I’ve even asked myself the same thing? HOW MUCH SHOULD I WEIGH? The interesting thing about this question is, “why does it matter?” Who asks themselves, “how tall […]

A beginner’s guide to weight loss

For anybody who has never tried to lose weight and are about to start your very first attempt at losing weight, I’d like to offer some advice that can help you lose weight and learn what’s needed to keep it off. My 5 tips can make your first attempt a lasting attempt. Avoid the yoyo […]

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

On a diet? Avoiding all your favorite foods including hot, juicy cheeseburgers? Well, I got good news for you, today is National Cheeseburger Day and it’s practically against the law not to eat at least one cheeseburger today! Yes, you read right. I said it’s your patriotic duty to eat a cheeseburger. In fact, have […]

9 habits to turn around now before you get old and gain weight

There is a saying that says “habits are like chains. You don’t know how strong they are until you go to break them.” Some habits don’t cause trouble for folks when they’re younger, but when they reach their 40s or 50s, and for some people even their 30s, the habits of their youth cause unhealthy […]

“Being healthy is overrated. I’d just rather lose weight.” Jackie critiques MTV’s True Life diet episode

“Being healthy is overrated. I’d just rather lose weight,” says 16-year-old Marissa. Jackie: I can relate to that statement. In fact, I said it once or twice myself in my youth! I’m watching True Life on MTV. The story is “I’m on an extreme diet” They are following two young people who want to look good. […]

What is the best present you can give to yourself?

Who doesn’t like a present? How would you like to give yourself a present that would help you to lose weight? How would you like it if that present not just guaranteed weight loss but helped you to lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived? Here is the absolute best present you can give yourself. […]

How to talk to your preteen daughter about her (chubby) body

If you have a preteen daughter carrying a little extra weight there’s a good chance she is aware and even unhappy about it. There’s the possibility that her peers have noticed it too. She might have heard one or more negative comments about her body. She may tell you that she’s fat and she wants to […]