Reposted by popular demand – Help! I have a banana belly!

Are you bananas for bananas? Are you one of the many banana-lovers in the world who shun your favorite fruit because you fear what it’s doing to your belly? Yes? You better read this!

If you want to know what makes you fat, causes stubborn belly fat, and keeps you fat despite your daily high-intensity workouts, there is only one food responsible for that.

It’s bananas!

Definitely bananas are the major source of belly fat, and I can say that with certainty because I read it all over the Internet!

Bananas look benign with their sunny yellow skins, but beneath that peel lurks the evil fruit that fattens your belly! Don't believe it!

Bananas look benign with their sunny yellow skins, but beneath that peel lurks the evil fruit that bulges your belly! Don’t believe it!

You too, probably have seen this advisory displayed on many of the webpages you visit:

5 Foods you must not eat:‎

Cut down a bit of stomach fat every
day by never eating bananas”


Yes, so it seems nothing makes you pack on pounds and gets you a big, jiggly, out-of-control, hangin’-over-your-waistband belly than bananas.





Imagine, all you need to do to get the sleek, toned, fit, hard-body you always dreamed of having is as easy as throwing away your bananas!

No more bananas and one, fine day you'll have this to show for it!

No more bananas and one, fine day you’ll have this to show for it! Don’t bet on it!

Everyday without a banana your belly gets a little flatter!
Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?
I hate to be the one to tell you, it isn’t true!

Bananas have calories, just as all foods do. Serving for serving, the calories in bananas are relatively low compared to many other foods. Bananas are also naturally low in fat and high in antioxidants (micronutrients that protect your body from cell damage).

Your weight and your belly fat are products of your calorie balance with your body’s energy needs. Too many calories, from any source, causes weight gain and belly fat. You could eat so many bananas that you have created an excess of unused calories and that would make you fat. Few people overdo it on bananas, however.

Say you make no changes in your eating and exercising except that you stop eating bananas forever.

It would take a lot of bananas to make an appreciable difference in your weight.

It would take a lot of bananas to make an appreciable difference in your weight.


Unless you had an unusually large affection for bananas and ate bunches of them every day, you are not going to see an appreciable reduction in your weight or your jelly belly.


Meanwhile you have eliminated a very good-tasting, good-for-you food from your diet.

Check it out! See for yourself why you should include bananas as a delicious and nutritious part of your weight control food plan!

“The possible health benefits of consuming bananas include lowering the risks of cancer and asthma, lowering blood pressure, improving heart health and promoting regularity.”

If you really want to cut out a food to make your belly flatter, you can.

Cut out 250 calories a day coming from a food that doesn’t have much nutritional value for the calories such as a candy bar, or a sugary/creamy drink, or a doughnut.

That could help you to lose 1/2 a pound a week!


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