Monthly Archives: October 2015

5 Strategies to End the Year Weighing Less

If you’re among the many Americans who put on weight during the final months of the year here are some things you can do to make this the year you lose a little weight instead of gaining it. 1. Pull out your calendar – either a paper or digital – Add any parties or other […]

You’re too fat to eat that! Just saying…

How would you like to open a menu that tells you if you’re fat you shouldn’t eat that? Steven Miller is a weight loss expert in the U.K. He thinks it’s his business, maybe even duty, to make fat people change their order when dining in restaurants. He is alarmed at the obesity rate in his country […]

The scariest day for your diet is the day after Halloween

The scariest thing about Halloween and losing weight for me didn’t happen on Halloween night. It happened the next day and wrecked the days that follow. The Halloween candy comes out days, weeks even, before the actual holiday. I resisted it. I was so “good” and stuck to my weight loss plan with admirable perfection. “This […]

Is losing weight just a load of poop?

Seriously, is losing weight a load of poop? Dr. Stephen Fairley, a gastroenterologist and author, and his colleagues, professors Robyn McDermott and Louis Schofield from James Cook University say it just might be. And they want a chance to prove it. The theory is micro organisms or bacteria in the gut doesn’t just sit there […]

How can eating Halloween candy help you to lose weight?

Everywhere you go, the Halloween candy displays are front and center! For those of us who struggle with our weight, it’s what makes Halloween so darn scary! Halloween is getting out of control. The fancy-wrapped candy keeps showing up earlier and earlier on the store shelves. That means it’s up-front and in our faces until […]

Clearing up calorie confusion with straight-up calorie science

It’s time to address the science of calories and to put an end to the myths. A calorie is a calorie regardless of its source. All calories are created equal. If you need to change your weight – either to weigh less or more, you need the straight-up facts about calories. Are you ready to […]

Are you having trouble stuffing your genes into your jeans?

Is it your fault if you can’t find a pair of jeans that zip and button?  If you’re a middle-aged adult who only recently outgrew your jeans, possibly. If finding jeans big enough has been a problem your whole life, it could be your genes. It could be the genes, and then again, it’s you too. […]

Weight loss to go! How to lose weight at the drive thru

Fast food is right up there with fat, sugar, and soft drinks as leading causes of obesity in the US today. Well, why wouldn’t it be? Fast food is famous for serving fat, sugar and soft drinks in massive quantities. What if you happen to love fast food? What if it’s a cheap and convenient way […]

Talk “thin” to get thin

The language you use to describe your actions can either support or undermine your goal. It’s not just what you do that matters. What you call it or, what you say to yourself and others, makes a difference. Take Lindy and Mindy for example. They have the same goal weight in mind. Each will need to […]