Is losing weight just a load of poop?

Seriously, is losing weight a load of poop? Dr. Stephen Fairley, a gastroenterologist and author, and his colleagues, professors Robyn McDermott and Louis Schofield from James Cook University say it just might be. And they want a chance to prove it.

The theory is micro organisms or bacteria in the gut doesn’t just sit there or just cause bad things like giving us diarrhea or constipation. They influence our moods and behaviors. They also play a role in conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Fairley maintains that the gut bacteria in lean people is very different from that of obese people and that is the reason for the differences in body weight.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Apparently some poop-swapping has already been studied among animals and the results look promising. Transplanting bacteria from the guts of thin animals into obese animals resulted in fat ones becoming thin and thin animals became fat.

Fairley reports he’s done transplants in human patients and the results are very good. One patient has already lost 44 pounds. The patient reports more energy, the desire to exercise, and has never in his life found losing weight to be so easy.

The actual poop transplant sounds pretty gross. It begins with collecting a stool sample from the thin donor, liquefying it and then filtering it. After that process is completed it is transplanted into the recipient’s colon.

Dr. Fairley thinks modern cleanliness is allowing the obesity-causing gut bacteria to flourish. We’re killing off the good bacteria he theorizes. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

“With everything being washed and sterilised and so forth, it restricts the number of bugs you can end up with in your bowel.”

“The more coughs and colds and runny noses you get, the more wounds from the dog you get the better in terms of preventing all these diseases that kill people in Western society,” he said.

If you are interested in pooping and swapping yourself thin, although I don’t particularly think it’s the best way to lose weight, you can volunteer to participate in the study. Here is how, but be aware it involves a trip to Australia:

Get involved as a donor or recipient

The group are hoping to recruit up to 80 people to take part in their study which will run for about two years.

Mildly obese recipients and lean donors are encouraged to get involved.

Dr Stephen Fairley can be reached via his office in Townsville on 47252855.

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