Presidential candidate thinks it’s okay to make fun of fat people

I typically stay away from politics in my blogs because, well, I blog about weight not politics. Sometimes I do stray onto the topic of politics however, because there is increasingly more evidence that our government is getting very interested in how much citizens weigh.

My opinion is that the interest in weight really isn’t about protecting public health. It’s finding a (sneaky) palatable and easier-to-justify way to squeeze more tax dollars out of its citizens. Labeling foods “bad for you” is a righteous way to levy taxes on those foods. After all, “it’s for your own good and if you don’t want to pay the tax, don’t buy those foods.”

I’ve strayed from the topic, so let me get back to the matter at hand. Yesterday I subjected myself to a little torture by listening to the mean-spirited, self-righteous, wholly unentertaining, double-standard rantings of Howie Carr. To make matters worse, Ann Coulter, called in to promote her new book and gush over her love and affection for Republican Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

The two went on about how great he is and why he is the best possible person to be our nation’s next President. Then Howie got excited about Trump’s recent appearance in Worcester. He asked Coulter, with much mirth, if she heard the cut from Trump’s Iowa appearance where he called out the heckler. Coulter said she hadn’t but heard about it and thought it was funny. Carr then asks for “cut #14″ for Coulter’s listening pleasure.

Before I go on, readers should know that Carr was once quite fat. His weight, however, was not a sign of weak character, lack of self-control, discipline or willpower,” like all other fat people. DISCLAIMER! This isn’t my opinion of overweight people, this is the impression Howie Carr’s listeners get from the words coming from Carr’s mouth. 

Carr is much slimmer now thanks to a free weight loss surgery (a.k.a. the sleeve) with Dr. Sheila K. Partridge, MD, of Newton-Wellesley Hospital. I mention this not because I think weight loss by means of surgery is cheating, because I support medical intervention 100%. I mention it because Carr thinks it’s okay to make fun of people because of their appearance even though he, himself, was once “seriously overweight.”

Cut #14 gets played.

‘It’s amazing. I mentioned food stamps and that guy who’s seriously overweight went crazy,’ Trump said in response.”

Coulter and Carr are ecstatic. Trump’s the man!

I’m disgusted.  We don’t need a President who shuts down oppostion with insults. We don’t need an administration that thinks fat shaming and/or fat bashing is okay.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are strictly my own and I’m exercising my right to free speech to share them in my blog. You are free to your opinion and to disagree with me.


Jackie Conn

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