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Happy New Year! Better buy your Easter candy now!

Happy New Year! Now what are you waiting for? Buy your bags of Easter candy! If you don’t think we’re living in a hostile environment, think again. Some of us can live among the hostility better than others. Not everybody is going to be challenged to live a healthy lifestyle in this world that makes […]

Holy sabotage, Weight Watchers! Why did you go and change your points?

There are people who are wondering why Weight Watchers “fixed what wasn’t broken.” There are some who openly criticize the new Weight Watchers food plan. They say, “now it’s a diet. I can’t eat what I want without feeling guilty.” Change is never easy. We ask for something better, and when we get it, we […]

Recovering from Christmas Past

Christmas is two days behind us, but if you’re at all like me you may still be feeling the bloat of the holiday. If I were to list all that I ate on Christmas day and to calculate the calories, or in my case as I count with Weight Watchers, the SmartPoints, I would be […]

How will I avoid holiday weight gain when my exercise machine is broken?

I didn’t realize how heavily I rely on my exercise machine until it broke. When it broke I thought it was a matter of getting it fixed quickly and I’d barely miss a beat. It didn’t work out like that. I took the machine to get repaired. The technician gave me bad news. “6-years-old. Out […]

Santa is fat so he must be unhealthy, right?

Originally published 12/6/14 Santa Claus is the most famous fat man in the world. He usually gets a pass for his heavyweight condition, except from nutcase, anti-obesity activist Meme Roth who says, “the customary image of Santa Claus is close to morbidly obese.”  She believes he should be re-invented into a jolly old elf who resembles […]

Low tech weight loss

I’m pretty old. 62! I’ll admit it. Maybe it’s because I’m old that I like low tech weight loss. Just because I’m old and I confessed to liking low-tech weight loss, don’t think I am technology challenged. I was the first of my family and peers to own an iPhone. I’ve upgraded devices with each […]

How to make better food choices during the holidays

You’ve been working hard at removing excess pounds and your work is showing. Now it’s the time of year when you’re challenged to stick with your plan. So much good food and good cheer! How can you enjoy the season without sacrificing your progress? 7 Easy Steps to Smart Holiday Food Choices 1. Stay in the present. Consider […]

Did Weight Watchers really change?

People are asking! People want to know what’s all the buzz about? Did Weight Watchers really change their program and food plan?   What does Oprah think about it? It’s true, Weight Watchers did more than change their food plan; they’ve changed everything and Oprah thinks it’s great! If you’re not an Oprah fan, you may […]