You can believe lies or you can lose weight. It’s your choice!

I won’t start this blog by writing that weight loss is easy. I won’t say that because it’s not true. It’s not easy, but that is not the same as saying it can’t be done.

Do you have any idea how many people want to lose weight and believe it’s impossible? I don’t have a number, but based on the people whom I have heard say it and extrapolating that number by the population in just the state of Maine, I’d estimate at least 10% of the adult population.

10% of the adult population wants to lose weight, but believe the lie that it’s impossible. That’s sad, especially when those people could successfully weigh less and maintain the lower weight. They could, but they won’t because the simple fact is “nobody can do what they believe is impossible.”

The saddest part of all is that those people – all of them – could lose weight if they stopped believing lies about the improbability of successful weight loss and that they had “unique genetic” issues preventing them from losing weight and/or maintaining a loss. It’s true that genes can “load the gun,” but monitoring food and exercise can “apply the safety lock.”

Thinking something is impossible isn’t the same as believing it to be. Thinking leaves room for doubt. When you think something may be true you are looking for evidence that either supports what you think or negates it.

Depending on the evidence you find, you may either learn that what you thought was untrue, or true. Once it becomes true you stop looking for evidence to the contrary. Now all you see is more evidence that your belief is true and you miss or misinterpret anything that may disprove your belief.

When it comes to lies and weight loss, it’s very messy because there are layers of lies. The lie that weight loss isn’t possible is just one lie, but there are more, so many more! The lies about the right and wrong ways to lose weight are numerous. Then there are lies about hormone imbalance, and blood type, and a bunch of other crazy, made up things that come from opportunists looking for ways to sell you weight loss plans or products that don’t work.


The lie she tells herself: “I’ve tried everything. Nothing works. It’s a genetic condition that can’t be overridden.”



They never were created to work; they were created to profit off people who are desperate to find something that works. The creativity of the people who are responsible for all the lies is incomprehensible. When these nostrums fail to work, it creates more people believing that weight loss isn’t possible.

Nothing can stop me! Nothing!

Nothing can stop me! Nothing!

Here is how to banish the lies to successfully lose weight:

Jackie Conn

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