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How to lose weight without willpower

I’m not one who depends on willpower nor do I recommend anybody else rely too much on willpower. The reason for that is because willpower leaves a void. In other words, willpower is all about “what you’re not going to do.” Fine! So you know what you don’t want to do, but my questions are, […]

This former fat girl still hates the camera

Growing up chubby turned a lot of things that many people enjoy into torture for me. One of thing that caused me a lot of pain was the camera. I hate, hate, hated to have my picture taken. I was always the most “well-fed” child in the picture. I did what I could to avoid the […]

Weight loss best practices

If you’re having a hard time losing weight or a hard time keeping off the weight you have lost, here are my weight loss best practices. These 5 best practices have been proven effective over and over again. 1) Create an official weekly weigh-in day and time. I know that it’s human to want to step on […]

Look 10 pounds thinner without dieting

Although some of us get really hung up on the number on a scale, many of us care less about the number and more about how we feel and look. What can you do if you’re okay with the number and feel good (most of the time) about your eating and exercising habits, but don’t […]

You can’t get THIS with a free weight loss app!

People, too many people, think losing weight is doing some stuff differently and *BOOM* the weight is gone. Some people think they’ll just need to do some stuff until they get back to their old weight. They’ll use a free weight loss app. Once they get back to what the want to weigh, they’ll stay there […]

How to spend a snow day by classiegallie

Guest blog by classygallie Snow days are boring. I know, I know. We love them. Ain’t many things better than a snow day, right? They get us out of school and work, and we sure do like getting out of school and work. School and work are not the greatest. But know what is the […]