Monthly Archives: March 2016

When skinny becomes an addiction

Sometimes wanting to lose weight isn’t a good thing. Sometimes it’s an addiction. It destroys the health of the dieter and can even destroy relationships. Sometimes it happens without realization. Janny was overweight for her whole life. By the time she reached her mid thirties she was morbidly obese. Janny joined Weight Watchers approximately 126 pounds […]

Easter ChEating

All over the state dieters will be Easter ChEating on Sunday!  What is Easter ChEating? Some people consider eating certain food, or too much food to be “cheating.” While they consume food, they’re consumed with guilt. “Being bad” on a diet should be avoided, but many can’t avoid it. It seems the harder they try, […]

Could your table manners make you fat?

We know that body weight is a complex issue. Weight gain can be a combination of a lot of things, but we rarely consider it’s a result of bad manners. In many ways we’ve moved away from the mannerly behaviors that used to be observed by everybody except the most uncivilized. Manners dictated that we […]

I’ll never tell you what to eat

I can help you lose weight but I won’t tell you what to eat.   I’ve been maintaining my weight loss for 25 years. I know about weight loss and I know about me, but aside from your wanting to lose weight, I don’t know anything about you. That’s why I won’t tell you what […]

Stop eating like there’s no tomorrow

Weighing too much, for me, was a combination of things. I love food, I am naturally inclined to recline, and I tell myself a lot of lies.  I discovered that I’m not different than many other people whose weight tends to rise above “happy” levels. “Happy Weight” is the range usually no more than 5-10 […]

A community where I was never too fat to fit

As an overweight female not much fit.     My clothes didn’t fit. I didn’t fit into the little opening in my kayak. The saddle I took great care and much expense to ensure fit my horse perfectly, no longer fit me.   I felt as though I didn’t fit with my peers, but it […]

One change for lowering your weight

If I could encourage people to do one thing to to lose weight it would be drink fewer sugary beverages!  I’m providing a link to explain the health risks of drinking a lot of sugary drinks, but am only going to blog about how reducing sugary drinks can aid weight management. When focusing on weight loss, if there […]