Monthly Archives: June 2016

Learn this skill to maintain your goal weight

There is a statistic that tells us 99% of all weight loss attempts eventually fail. I reject that it’s actually 99%. There is really no way to accurately measure how many weight loss attempts fail. I’m certain that it’s far fewer than 99% and the National Weight Control Registry has proven it, but that doesn’t […]

Eat, drink and weigh less

How would you like to eat, drink and weigh less? You can. Reducing your weight isn’t a matter of fearing food, it’s all about learning how to eat less and love it more. Fear of food is making us fat. Every time I turn around I see headlines exclaiming the ever-rising obesity rate in the […]

How to get slimmer when it’s summer

There seems to be a seasonality to weight loss. There’s the Winter Diet Season (Starts in January), a Spring Diet Season (usually starts right after Easter or sometime in early April) and the Fall or Post Labor Day Diet Season. There is no Summer Diet Season! The Spring diet season is the result of removing heavy […]

How to lose weight and keep your friends

Nobody likes a loser! Well maybe a few people do, but there are definitely some who don’t! Losers are scary. If you’re a loser, be prepared to have people fear you and shun you. Loser, in the context of this blog, is the person who lost weight. Losing weight may make the loser feel great, feel […]

The politics of weight loss

Before you read this, you should know it’s written by somebody who sees herself as a Left Libertarian. That means I care about my fellow man (woman and child) and I care about the environment. I believe in giving help where help is needed, and I am a firm believer in helping people move into better circumstances for […]

Getting rid of pregnancy weight fast

Yesterday was the day I delivered my first child 35-year-ago. Before I became pregnant with her, I was unnaturally thin for me.  When I describe myself as “unnaturally thin” I am referring to the extreme means I engaged to get to the weight that was acceptable to me. I had been restricting my calories on most […]