Monthly Archives: September 2016

Should you throw away your scale?

Should you throw away your scale? No. Absolutely not. There is no reason to throw away a tool that measures the weight of an object. Scales don’t make people crazy. Scales aren’t evil. They can’t exert power over people who use them. They can’t make people feel a certain way – no joy, not despair, not […]

5 easy weight loss tips you shouldn’t ignore because they work

Don’t ignore these tips. They result in real results and you won’t even hate doing them. They won’t cramp your style. You won’t feel like you’re on a diet. You don’t have to stop eating the food you love and you don’t have to start eating things you don’t like. You can keep living your life […]

Video self-modeling could be your answer to losing weight and keeping it off

How would you like to know there is something that could not only significantly improve your chance of reaching your weight goal, and better than that, ensure that your ability to maintain it would be greater than ever before? I’m looking for people interested in trying a better way to change destructive behaviors that negatively […]

Ending childhood obesity and what isn’t working

If a child is overweight, the last thing you want is to encourage his love of food, right? Food is the enemy, isn’t it? That prevailing belief couldn’t be more misguided.    Some experts and parents think the way to address the problem is by using approaches that are failing to manage adult obesity – restrictive, calorie-reduced diets […]

Why autumn in Maine is a good time to lose weight

If you’ve been thinking about losing weight for a while and plan to actually get started January 2017, think about starting now instead. Autumn in Maine is perhaps the best time of year to start working towards your weight-related goals. Here’s why: Kids are back in school and life regains structure. You know how important […]