Monthly Archives: October 2016

What’s water got to do with weight loss?

Things every dieter knows. “You gotta drink your water.” “No water, no weight loss.” Water has long been believed to be a key ingredient in aiding weight loss. It’s been credited with: Floating away dietary fat before it can stick to you as body fat. Satisfying the need to eat because you were never really […]

Is the 2017 election making you fat?

Well-known triggers for overeating are stress and strong emotions, and lack of sleep. The 2017 election, particularly the race for President and the 2nd District Congressional seat are stirring up plenty of that. If that’s not enough to drive you to the salty, fatty, sugary food for relief, there are the referendum questions. Higher taxes […]

Yesterday I ate too much and I’m paying the price

Yesterday was a nothing-special day. It wasn’t a holiday; I wasn’t invited to a party. It was a plain, old day and I don’t have a good reason for eating as much as I did. Worse than eating too much without a good reason, I ate too much stuff that didn’t even taste all that […]

New study says losing weight makes you hungry

There’s a new study that says losing weight makes you hungry. The premise is when you force your body to weigh less, it fights to “return things to normal.” In other words it wants to get things back to the way they were. Have you ever tried to lose weight? If you have you’re probably […]

If you’re sure you can’t lose weight you must read this

You can lose weight. Yes, you, even if you’re certain you can’t. Even if you tried to lose weight multiple times and failed every single time, you can lose weight. Start with a reasonable goal – 5 to 10% of your starting weight. You might think you can’t lose weight because you have never reached […]

Time to start your pre holiday crash diet

November 1 is the day to start your pre holiday season crash diet. Mark your calendar. Get ready to employ some heavy-duty weight loss strategies so that you can enjoy free-for-all eating starting on Thanksgiving day and ending on New Year’s Day. This is a radical departure from my usual weight management advice. I am […]

2 essential weight loss rules for people who hate rules

I hate rules, especially weight loss rules. Rules are often hard to follow, but easy to break, at least for me. When it comes to weight loss rules they’re usually restrictive and/or a bad fit with my life. For example, here’s a rule that’s a bad fit for me – Start every day with a […]

What parents and children should know about getting weighed in school

Thanks to a particularly contentious race between Emily Cain (D) and Bruce Poliquin (R) for Maine’s 2nd District seat in the House of Representatives we are¬†aware of Emily Cain’s sponsorship of a bill to weigh¬†Maine’s public school children. Cain sponsored the bill, which she says had support from Maine pediatricians and both parties, to help […]

Breast cancer survivors are often surprised with weight gain

It seems unfair that after getting diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully battling the disease that survivors should have a higher rate of weight gain than women who never had breast cancer. Of course, there’s nothing fair about breast cancer or illness in general, but why should women who survived breast cancer have another tough […]