Monthly Archives: December 2016

Do I really need to lose weight

While a lot of people are resolving to lose weight in 2017, others are asking, “do I really need to lose weight?” I think that is one of those questions that’s best answered by asking  more questions. Has it been hinted or suggested by friends, family, or rude strangers that your weight is a problem? […]

How to maintain your weight goal in 2017

January is well-known at the best month to start a diet. Just look at how attendance at gyms and Weight Watchers swells this time of year, every year. Many people, however, are going to start 2017 not needing to lose weight. They lost the weight and got to goal in 2016. Now they are wondering […]

Thanks for reminding me I used to be fat

Christmas, as are other holidays, is a time when families get together. Sometimes we don’t get through family gatherings without laughter and tears. Tears of joy and laughter are the good times. but in some families the dynamics are not joyful, but better described as painful. For those of us who were once fat and aren’t fat […]

The best winter exercise machine

Perhaps you saw the commercial on TV featuring Jillian Michaels, “America’s toughest trainer,” and the machine she promises with deliver five times the calorie burn. It’s a treadmill with a SEE-cret. She really emphasizes the SEE in secret. Then she reveals the secret – it’s incline. The machine she’s selling on your TV isn’t just […]

I got kicked out of Weight Watchers for getting pregnant

I got kicked out of Weight Watchers for getting pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. I was a good customer. I was a faithful meeting attendee and had lost about 31 pounds with about 50 more to go. When I told my leader I was pregnant, she said, “Come back after the baby is born.” Julie […]

Better things to do than eat this holiday season

If you’re getting bored with tips and strategies to avoid overeating in December, I don’t blame you. I’ve written so many articles and blogs on the topic and appeared on so many news programs in Maine sharing my insight that I’m more than bored. The sad thing is that too often the focus is on eating […]

5 Resolutions to make in 2017 and none is “go on a diet”

Weight loss or diet resolutions are arguably made more often than any other New Year’s resolution. It’s a perfect time to both remove any excess weight gained during the holiday season as well as any extra pounds gained throughout the rest of the year and previous years.   Diets are the number one resolution made and […]

No Christmas cookies for me because I’m on a diet

Here comes the Christmas cookies and the eggnog. Only the thin people and the people who don’t care how much they weigh get to enjoy the treats of the holiday. The rest of us are going to have to employ some strong discipline and willpower to stick to the obligatory party vegetable tray throughout the holiday […]