Dieters share their Super Bowl party plans

In the tradition of the roving reporter I asked dieters their Super Bowl party plans. Here is what they shared.


Luanne (has lost 15 pounds since October 2016): Seriously? Ha! I have no plan. I’ll just see what happens. I’ll be okay.

George (has lost 52 pounds since January 2015) I’m not real good at sticking to my diet. I weighed less a year ago than I do now, but my health is not good. I have to do better. I’ll just try to do my best. My wife is bringing a low-fat dish for me. If she sticks close by I have nothing to worry about. She’ll keep me in line. Laughs

Lee (has lost 8 pounds since January 2017) I just started this diet. I thought about not going to a party, but my boyfriend talked me into going. I’m going to eat some Weight Watchers vegetables soup and a yogurt before I go. I am going to drink diet soda – that’s it, that’s all.

Ally (has lost 86 pounds since September 2015) I still got a lot of weight to lose, but I learned a long time ago that I need to just let go once in a while. It kind of helps me get cravings out of my system and keeps me on track. I will let go, but if I eat something that doesn’t taste good, I won’t finish it to be polite. Shrugs and laughs I stopped eating stuff I don’t want just to make somebody happy.

Pete (has lost nothing since September 2016) Well, that’s not exactly true. I’ve probably lost about 50 pounds since I started this diet, but I’ve gained 50 pounds too. It’s lose one week, gain the next. This is the hardest diet I ever tried. I’m trying to do Paleo. It sounded perfect for me but it turns out it’s just about impossible. I thought I was pretty rough, but I guess I’m more refined than I thought. I’ll try to stick to just the wings, but I really like that cheesy dip in a bread bowl. I could eat the whole thing all by myself.

Arlene (lost 41 pounds, at goal since 1999) I’m very picky. I will try a few of the dishes, but I don’t expect to get carried away with any of it. If I do, that’s fine too. I’ll just get back to my standard routine on Monday.

Trish (lost 23 pounds since September 2016) I have a simple plan. I will only eat the things I really love and I’ll use the trusted Weight Watchers method of tracking. “I bite, I write.” Well, not exactly write. I’m going to put my food on a plate to be aware of portions and then snap a pic with my phone. Having a record of everything I eat will help me keep a little control without depriving myself.

7 people, 7 different plans. I wish them all well and I hope they all win the their bets.


Jackie Conn

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