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The day after the Super Bowl there are a lot of unhappy people. I don’t think they live in New England. That nail biter of a game might have contributed to the overeating that is part of the Super Bowl experience.

Some folks are feeling both elation and desperation. It could be because they woke up this morning feeling elated about the win and uncomfortably bloated, maybe slightly nauseated, and full of regret. The desperation was triggered by yesterday’s Super Bowl party and today they’re not sure you can get back on track. Maybe that’s you?



Did you feel blindsided? You knew that there would be a lot of food, but you didn’t expect it to taste that good. The combination of the excitement of the game, the company of great friends, and the unexpected over-the-top repast was totally bump and run.

You had a sound game plan. You ate a healthy preload meal before the party. Your strategy was to arrive feeling full and totally steer clear of the party food, but it was ready to get you. It was everywhere and you fumbled at the sights and smells.

You dropped the ball; no dancing in the end zone for you.

Nothing to celebrate this morning!

Nothing to celebrate this morning!

The recovery game plan is simple, effective, and easy to execute.


1. Silence your inner Monday Morning Quarterback

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It’s human nature criticize your actions or decisions after the fact, using hindsight to assess situations and specify alternative solutions. “Shoulda, woulda, coulda…” None of that matters now. Put the repast in the past.

2. Drink a big glass of water

Super Bowl parties feature a lot of salty, refined carb foods. An overload of carbs and salt is like turning your body into a giant sponge. In other words, that uncomfortable, bloaty feeling of fullness that makes it seem like you gained 10 pounds at a single Super Bowl party is water retention.


If you’re feeling bloated and fat from water retention you might think drinking water is adding to the problem. You’re wrong. Drinking water helps flush retained fluids. Drink up to flush out some of that retained fluid.


If you are one of those people who really can’t stand water other fluids can do the trick, but not as well. It’s also important to recognize that water is a 0 calorie drink but many other fluids may be contribute a significant amount of calories that you’d prefer to avoid.

3. Eat something

If you think this is the last thing you want to do, or should do, do it anyway and here is why.

  1. You don’t want to think in terms of punishment. “I ate too much yesterday, so today I don’t deserve to eat anything at all.”
  2. It’s futile to think you can eat so little in one day or even over the course of several days that you can balance the excess calories eaten at the party.
  3. shutterstock_569157163Most importantly, your main goal is to restore your healthy eating routine. Eat something good for you that makes you feel good. It’s the most effective way to put the episode behind you.

4. Get moving

Put on some comfortable walking shoes and take a walk. If you don’t have time for an hour or even a half hour, try a few pushups or jumping jacks or a quick ten or five minute jog.

Even a brief period of intense physical activity can restore your winning spirit and put your head back in the game.

Even a brief period of intense physical activity can restore your winning spirit and put your head back in the game.

Exercise is an effective way to work off stress and disappointment that can come with the feeling of losing control with eating. It can also help alleviate any anxiety you might have over your ability to recover from any damage you might have inflicted on your weight loss progress.

Remember, you can make your future what you want it to be, but you can’t change the past no matter how much you wish you could. Recovery is possible when you stay positive and put your sights on moving forward.

Jackie Conn

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