5 foods I never eat to lose weight

What are the 5 foods you must never at to lose weight? I checked one list and the 5 foods weren’t actually foods, they were ingredients in foods. One of them was high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).


Being a curious person I did some research on why I should never eat it. The hype was it’s worse than sugar. The truth turned out to be it is sugar. The reason it’s suggested you don’t eat it is because it makes food tasty. The more tasty food you eat, the more you’re likely to keep eating. Eating too much tasty food is not going to help you or me or anybody lose weight.

Eating too much tasty food is counterproductive for weight loss, but that isn’t the same as losing weight requires eating food that isn’t tasty. You can monitor how much you eat to create a slight calorie deficit which is necessary for weight loss.

If you have tried losing weight by eating food that isn’t tasty, you may already know how that works out. At the beginning it works very well. Every week you’re down a few more pounds, but after a month or so, you can’t deal with any more highly processed low-calorie entrees with meat that doesn’t resemble the animal from which it allegedly once was.

Here are the 5 foods I must never eat to lose weight. Eating these foods almost always triggers a massive binge. I don’t crave sweets when I eat a tasty diet of real food built on plants and protein with some healthy fats and dairy. When I eat the 5 foods listed below I become an absolute fiend for sweets.

5 Foods I must never eat to lose weight

  1. frozen diet entrees with mystery meat (whether it’s called chicken or beef, it resembles neither)
  2. rice cakes (might as well eat styrofoam)
  3. kale chips (I’ve heard people say they love these things. I’ve yet to taste any kale chips worth spending even 2 calories on!)
  4. sugar-free candy (just doesn’t taste right or feel right. I’m eating candy and it’s not supposed to be a “health food!” It’s a treat and I want the full treat experience)
  5. diet meal replacement shakes! (I do not enjoy “drinking” my meals)

The list of foods to avoid are highly personal. Yours won’t be the same as mine because you should avoid foods you hate! Although the Internet is going to tell you that certain foods make you fat and/or cause belly fat, that’s not true. That’s a claim based on its value as a marketing tool, not its worth as a viable weight loss tool.


If you want to lose weight don’t eat what you don’t like – ever

No food is any better for weight loss than another. Successful weight loss is a matter of eating what tastes good to you in amounts that result in creating a slight calorie deficit. To feel your best and to support good health ensure you’re eating an overall nutritious diet.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit,  and moderate amounts of whole grains, lean protein, low-fat or fat-free dairy and healthy oils. Include some small servings of fatty, sugary treats (if you enjoy those foods) occasionally.

Don’t waste your time worrying about what not to eat! Spend your time (and calories – remember you have to monitor and limit them) eating what you enjoy in balance and moderation. That is not only the best way to lose weight, it’s the guaranteed way to maintain your loss.

Jackie Conn

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Jackie Conn is married and has four grown daughters and four grandchildren. She is a Weight Watchers success story. She's a weight loss expert with 25 years of experience guiding women and men to their weight-related goals. Her articles on weight management have been published in health, family and women's magazines. She has been a regular guest on Channel 5 WABI news, FOX network morning program Good Day Maine and 207 on WCSH.