How can you find the best way for you to lose weight

I received an email last week through the contact form on my blog from somebody who works for a small research team. She explained that they recently conducted an unbiased review of weight loss programs. She included a link and wanted me to take a look.

With so many ways to lose weight, and most of them more promises than good weight loss science, I had no idea what I would find. I read it and clicked on the link not expecting much. I was blown away by the information I found on the page.

I already know what’s my best weight loss program. 

I wasn’t looking to find a new way to manage my weight. I am fully satisfied with my program. It’s right for me and for a lot of people. Your choice could be influenced by preferences and circumstances different from mine. That may make a different program better for you. There is a way to quickly cut through the clutter of all the weight loss programs to get right to the best ones. reviews a variety of products and services and they do it well. was started in 2013 by a small group of obsessive consumers with a passion for the truth, and the desire to find the best. We don’t have bylines. Our reviews sit squarely on the shoulders of our entire editorial team. The picks we make for the best are collectively ours, not the individual opinion of a single writer. Every research methodology we write and every “best” we mention builds the credibility of the entire site.”

The best weight loss plan review is well-researched and validated by third-party, unbiased, experts. The top picks made it on the list because they stand out among the competition based on multiple important qualifications.

The review is excellent because it is comprehensive. You may look at it and immediately discount its value because, well, it places Weight Watchers as the top pick. You might suspect bias. It’s no secret that I work for Weight Watchers. I endorse it every chance I get. It must be appreciated, however, that I champion Weight Watchers not because it makes me money. I do it because it saves you money.

You might disagree that Weight Watchers saves you money because it’s not free. There are lots of free weight loss apps, so how can Weight Watchers save you money? Here is how:

  • No special food to buy
  • Everybody in the household can eat the same meals
  • Program steers you towards healthy food choices that lowers the risk of diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers and the high cost of treatment
  • Helps you become more active without expensive gym memberships and personal trainers (although if you want to spend money on those things Weight Watchers fully supports it)

As much as I love Weight Watchers, I know it’s not for everybody and there are other reliable and safe ways to lose weight. It’s the best way for a lot of people, but not everybody. For some, there is a better road to take for some weight loss travelers.

Weight Watchers may end up being your choice, but if you want to see what other options are available that may suit you better, click here to see The Best Weight Loss Program (when losing is the only way to win)

This review is extremely well done because the priorities are scientifically sound and evidence-based. Efficacy is important, and the only way a weight loss program can deliver results if you’re able to stick with it. The weight loss programs that made the list of the best share some important features.

  • allow eating out
  • incorporate exercise
  • they don’t cut out certain food groups

They found the best plans in 4 categories:

Each is worthy of being labeled best. Take a look for yourself. If you haven’t already started your weight reduction travels, or if your current plan is proving to be a dead end, you have options, find out what makes then “best” and what they are.


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