Food cannot fix your depression

How’s your mood? Thursday, October 5, 2017, is National Depression Screening Day. It’s a day to get help with feeling sad or anxious and to start feeling better and improving your mood. Too many people don’t get the help they need. They turn to substances to try to feel happier and/or calmer. Alcohol, drugs – […]

Cauliflower is the ugly vegetable that can do beautiful things for your body

Cauliflower is a favorite among the low carb dieters. It’s taking the place of flour. It is the “bread” in a grilled cheese sandwich, the “crust” on your pizza, the “rice” in your fried rice, and the “potatoes” in mashed potatoes. Substituting cauliflower, the white vegetable, for the white, refined carbs is touted as the […]

How to make the most of your weight loss opportunities

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t as much about defeating challenges as it is taking advantages of opportunities. You read that right. I’m an opportunist. I don’t dwell on my challenges. I know what they are and I know what they can do and they’ll never go away. Why should I waste my time […]

Did you know those painful workouts are sabotaging your weight loss

The harder you work out the better your weight loss progress will be. (true) (false) If you’re healthy enough to work out, a really hard work out can only make you healthier. (true) (false) The correct answer to these questions may surprise you. It’s false. Working out hard puts your body under a lot of stress. […]

Hillary Freeman does not need to protect her child against fat people

Hillary Freeman has it all wrong. She doesn’t need to protect her daughter from the influence of fat people. I want to know who will protect her daughter from the influence of her mother? She doesn’t want her daughter to learn that it’s “normal to be fat,” She’s okay with her daughter learning it’s okay […]

How does going off to college cause weight gain

Few college freshmen are prepared for what might happen to their bodies when they leave home to attend college. Gaining weight your first year of college is more common than it’s unusual. That’s why it’s called the “Freshman 15.”  There are several obvious weight gaining traps to avoid and a few subtle ways that pounds are […]