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4 odd things people think are positive signs they’re losing weight

Over the years I’ve been helping people lose weight, I’ve discovered that some people are absolutely uncertain they’re losing weight unless they experience some physical sensations that they believe are actual byproducts of fat burning. The following methods of alleged body fat burning are anecdotal and there is no science to support them. That hasn’t stopped people […]

Home alone with the kids and the kitchen and it’s snowing

Winter in Maine is hardly ever without a few, or a lot of snow days. We all know how kids feel about snow days. We have an idea how mothers feel about them too. Does the phrase, “just threw a monkey wrench into my plans,” adequately describe it? Kids home because schools are closed can […]

How to lose weight and keep your sweetheart

We’re coming up on Valentine’s Day and sweethearts will be celebrating their love with gifts. There is a chance, slight chance I hope, that the sentiment behind the gift may be misconstrued. For example, if you have consistently given gifts of chocolates every Valentines day along with another token of affection, or as a stand alone […]

Diet recovery plan

The day after the Super Bowl there are a lot of unhappy people. I don’t think they live in New England. That nail biter of a game might have contributed to the overeating that is part of the Super Bowl experience. Some folks are feeling both elation and desperation. It could be because they woke […]

Maine Firefighter fights excess weight with Weight Watchers

When Weight Watchers of Maine launched its Fit to Rescue ME program in the spring of 2013 offering free Weight Watchers meetings to firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical technicians, Phippsburg firefighter, Dana McClean signed up. He successfully fought fires, but wasn’t as successful fighting his weight. Mclean confides, “Since I was a very young […]

Taking care of your heart might result in weight loss

Actually, this is all about taking care of your heart and weight loss is a pleasant side effect. It shouldn’t be a surprise that improving habits to protect your heart almost always result in losing weight. Women are acutely aware of their cancer risks, most notably breast cancer. Fewer women, however, are aware that they’re far […]