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5 foods I never eat to lose weight

What are the 5 foods you must never at to lose weight? I checked one list and the 5 foods weren’t actually foods, they were ingredients in foods. One of them was high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Being a curious person I did some research on why I should never eat it. The hype was […]

5 Easy Ways To Get Thinner

Getting thinner can be easy when you don’t worry about getting thinner faster. The faster you hope to get thin the more difficult the process will be. Here 5 are proven steps to getting thinner the easy and effective way! 1. Let go of self doubt. It’s a fact that anything is easier to do when you […]

Slim Your Belly! Best Belly Busting Advice

More than anything else people want to know what 5 foods should be eaten to get rid of belly fat. Getting rid of belly fat seems to be the biggest goal for many people who are seeking either better health or to be more attractive (or both!) Before I get to how true it is that there […]

5 Foods I Should Never Eat to Avoid Holiday Belly Fat

No wonder Santa struggles with belly fat. Every year there are delicious holiday foods everywhere! I look forward to them and give myself a little extra freedom to be able to indulge in my favorite once-a-year treats. Of course, when I give myself a little extra freedom it’s not without a price. I can choose […]