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How to Lose Belly Fat

Bellies and belly fat seem to be the #1 trouble spot. A lot of money is spent everyday to flatten bellies. Much of it is wasted on false promises. For some, weight loss completely eliminates belly woes and others will lose weight, but not the belly! Is there anything that can be done to lose belly […]

The Truth About Carbs and Belly Fat

Before you read this blog, test yourself on your carb knowledge. How Evil are Carbs? Surprised? If you thought that carbs made you fat, you’re right and you’re wrong. Calories you don’t need for energy as fuel for body processes in the amounts that you consume them make you fat. If all of your calories come […]

Your body is not a fashion accessory

While much wailing and gnashing of teeth and anger and bad decisions are made in regards to fighting obesity and childhood obesity in particular, is anybody paying attention to what may be the biggest contributing factor? You’d think the obesity problem is because our nation is a bunch of fat slobs who don’t care about anything […]

How to Really Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

First the belly fat bad news. It’s not easy to get rid of stubborn belly fat. It’s not a matter of buying the stuff you saw on an informercial. Save your money, it won’t work. Don’t bother to eliminate wheat or all grains from your diet, especially if you enjoy them. Your belly fat isn’t […]

Foods to Eat to End Obesity?

First of all, there seems to be many lists of 5 foods to never eat. Looks like whoever creates these lists can’t agree with each other. I don’t think they’re created by qualified scientists, but more likely marketers selling a quick fix or perhaps influential food writers and celebrity chefs who espouse eating local, unprocessed, […]