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What is holistic weight loss and what makes it so effective

Holistic weight loss is a confusing concept to many. To clear things up, it’s not holy weight loss. It’s not a Christian, or any other denominational, way to lose weight. There’s no praying to make me thinner or deliver me from the sinful temptations of bad food. It’s no guilt weight loss.   In fact, it’s […]

Holy sabotage, Weight Watchers! Why did you go and change your points?

There are people who are wondering why Weight Watchers “fixed what wasn’t broken.” There are some who openly criticize the new Weight Watchers food plan. They say, “now it’s a diet. I can’t eat what I want without feeling guilty.” Change is never easy. We ask for something better, and when we get it, we […]

For Best Weight Loss Results Don’t Cheat When You Eat

For best weight loss results don’t; no, that’s not strong enough, never cheat when you eat! If you think I’m saying be 100% perfect and never take a liberty here or there, that’s not what I mean. That’s not even close to what I mean. Let me be more precise. For best weight loss results avoid […]