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I hate counting Weight Watchers SmartPoints

Weight Watchers introduced a new program, Beyond the Scale, featuring a food plan, SmartPoints, a year ago. The scientific and medical communities love it. It’s even been approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a way to manage pre diabetes. It steers users towards food choices that are better for them and evidence-proven […]

How does Weight Watchers work?

Weight Watchers® is a commercial weight loss service. That means people pay to use the program and attend meetings. Paying to lose weight isn’t a bad thing if you’re paying for a program that’s proven to work and endorsed by reputable, third-party organizations. In an industry full or scammers and expensive but unfulfilled promises, it’s […]

Holy sabotage, Weight Watchers! Why did you go and change your points?

There are people who are wondering why Weight Watchers “fixed what wasn’t broken.” There are some who openly criticize the new Weight Watchers food plan. They say, “now it’s a diet. I can’t eat what I want without feeling guilty.” Change is never easy. We ask for something better, and when we get it, we […]

Did Weight Watchers really change?

People are asking! People want to know what’s all the buzz about? Did Weight Watchers really change their program and food plan?   What does Oprah think about it? It’s true, Weight Watchers did more than change their food plan; they’ve changed everything and Oprah thinks it’s great! If you’re not an Oprah fan, you may […]