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When you stop being invisible

This blog is a guest blog, written by Jim LaPierre, author of the insightful BDN blog, Recovery Rocks.┬áIn my capacity as a weight loss mentor people always say to me, “tell me what to eat,” as though weight is all about the food, and for a few people it is. For more of us, it’s […]

“All About That Bass” is Not a Healthy Body Message! It’s Messed Up!

All About That Bass is not a healthy body message. It’s messed up and I hate it! I I would be happy never to hear that stupid song again. The first time I caught Meghan Trainor’s catchy, little video on MTV I thought it was a fun song about a girl who loves her body. […]

Fantastic, Fabulous, Flirty Fat!

There are 200 different kind of cells in our body but none are so hated and feared as are our fat cells. We pinch them to measure their inches. We talk about burning them and slashing them and sucking them away. In extreme cases some people admit they’d rather die than carry 100 extra pounds […]