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Don’t Become a Fat Victim of Your Environment

There is food everywhere you go, and everywhere you look. There are signs and video and audio messages describing delicious food, telling you where to go to get it, promising it’s worth the trip and a good way to spend your money. You are hard-wired to want food when you think about food. You think […]

5 Foods I Must NEVER EAT to Lose Weight!

Seems I can’t open my browser without seeing an ad advising of the 5 foods to avoid for successful weight loss secret. When I get curious and click on the links to discover the secret, I never am taken to a simple list of 5 foods to avoid. Instead I find a whole lot of […]

What’s the healthiest weight loss habit of all?

Anybody who’s read a few of my blogs knows that I’m not hung up on optimal health. I like to be healthy and I want to take good care of myself to protect my health, which by the way, I recognize how lucky I was to be born with it and still have it after 60 […]

The “Healthy Food” Myth

Let’s stop calling food “healthy” right now! You can have “healthy habits” because that’s using the word correctly. in this context the word healthy is used as an adjective adverb. Food, however, is an inanimate object. Unlike plants, people, and animals, food can neither suffer poor health or enjoy good health. In other words food […]

Home Alone with A LOT of Candy!

I am a “recovering heavyweight.” I have spent a lot of my life battling my weight. I’ve kept my weight lower for about 23 years, and I’m happy – very happy – about that. I also recognize that keeping my weight down takes attention, effort and never letting down my guard. Yup! Heavyweight doesn’t go […]

Easter Eating and Staying On Track!

Easter is coming. The candies are shaped like eggs. Their normally brown wrappers have been transformed into flower-covered, beautiful pastels! They look even more tempting and delicious than normal. Jelly beans are in bowls everywhere you look. It easy to scoop up a few and eat them without so much as a thought. Easter candy […]